Random Miami Nightlife at Clash of the Crews

Posted on Sunday, November 19, 2006 by Rob

Random Miami Nightlife at Clash of the Crews
By Rob Meronek

The whole weekend started off with a rare Rob's Sister sighting

Ben and Nate enjoying some expensive South Beach cocktails. Nice Crail Tap tat

Haven't seen Jon Newport in a while. He was there with the Westside crew

And it's been even longer since I've seen Steve Young, now a Miami local

Remember Jersey Sarah? She's got some friends in Miami and was in town for the weekend. She and Audrey (say it like Rocky Balboa for the Jersey effect) were nice enough to hang with us for much of the weekend so it wasn't a full blown meat wand convention with all dudes hanging out

Foot fetish number one for the night

Of course you have to go to the beach for a bit. This is one block away from MIA Skate Shop in South Beach

Yep, you're on South Beach when you see golf carts with 22's. Jersy Sarah's dying to take it for a spin

Ed Selego's apartment got thrashed from the general ruckus. It's ok because Ed was the one who did it

The Shaqueefa crew found themselves a Shaqueefa

I spent more time in the parking lot than I did in the skate park

It was a nice Miami sunset every night

On Sunday night, we went to the Purdy Lounge to watch Abandoned Vehicles play again. Allen Russell was ready to go for a dive

Brian Schaefer and I aren't even doing anything and we're scaring the crap out of that girl on the left

Ryan Dodge came down from Melbourne for more good times with good friends in some random town

Foot fetish number two for the night


More Melbourne representation - Dodge and Cullen

Andy's on vocals for Abandoned Vechiles

Jersey Sarah's ready for a swim, too. Check out Forrest Kirby - he destroyed the course all weekend

Brian Schaefer is on drums and some vocals. He's also got harmonica skills

Ryan Dodge is ready for a swim, too

Former Tampon, now chillin on South Beach with $8 beers and sharp dressed queers - it's Curtis Valentine

Travis from Westside and Jersey Sarah are switching up their gear

The next morning was a hung over South Beach lurk session. Schaefer and I made sure to take our steroids for this photo

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