A Random Sunday Night of Skatepark Ruckus Article at Skatepark of Tampa

A Random Sunday Night of Skatepark Ruckus

Posted on Monday, December 11, 2006 by Rob

A Random Sunday Night of Skatepark Ruckus

The Park is pretty much a mess right now from the construction going on so it's ok to play some Red Bull baseball on the course

Frosty and Giles then stepped it up to light blub baseball - sketchy

Jason Durbin nose manualed the plywood pile

Then Giles switch ollie up it

Then Ian Gow did a switch manual on it

Bombs away in the bum fire. These spray paint cans really do blow up when you drop them in a fire - extra sketchy

This is only the aftermath of a bum fire bomb going off. When it first explodes, the fire is higher than the vert ramp

More makeshift construction stuff skating. Matt Giles' backside disaster is on one of the old quarters

Dylan Perry ollies to fakie high above the bum fire. In just about over a week, all that wood will be the new completed street course

A Sunday night of wrecking, burning, blowing up, and skating turned out to be pretty damn fun


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