A Random Saturday Night at SPoT

Posted on Sunday, January 7, 2007 by Rob

A Random Saturday Night at SPoT

This dude and his hurting kit got the biggest dose of heckling I've ever seen thrown down on someone

Body shaved his head, his beard, and ten years off his life

Larry Perkins! Wow, that's a really old skateboard shirt

Scott Dray is the tailgate champ

No matter what, lighting stuff on fire is always fun and will never get old. It's almost right up there with skateboarding itself

Chris Lehman prepares the flaming catapult

At first glance of the top photo, it almost looks like Body is grabbing Scott Dray's nuts. This crew right here was ruling the back corner of the heavy metal parking lot all night

Nina and Giles have a subtle matching of the gear going on. I wonder if that's on purpose. Things are really starting to happen for Abdias Rivera there. He just finished up filming a part for the new Foundation video and has some ads coming out for Foundation and Globe, his new shoe sponsor. Hell yeah, Abdias

There's a new highway being built behind the park and rising over it is two full moons courtesy of Scott Dray and Brian Schaefer. UPDATE: That's Buck Tooth Will, not Schaefer

And that's how they got up there

There was a show in Transitions Art Gallery going on with side show entertainment from Drunk Aaron

A near fight broke out when this girl on the left here used some of her kung fu skills in retaliation from some heckling from Jata. It broke up quick and we became friends, well at least I did. Once again, can't remember either of their names

Foot fetish with a big toe thumbs up

Matt Giles puffing on the biggest FedEx package I've ever seen

Later that night at Reservoir Bar, I spotted yet another really old skateboard shirt. Recognizing really old skateboard shirts means I'm getting really old. Lame

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