Vert Ramp James Ties the Knot

Posted on Thursday, March 7, 2002 by PROMOTION

Vert Ramp James' Wedding
Congrats to our friend and park local Vert Ramp James for getting married this weekend in a small town outside of Tampa called Plant City. It has somewhat of a hicktown reputation, so the SPoT crew went to the wedding in full cowboy and cowgirl gear. Check out some photos below from the night.
All of the photos were taken by Dave Pleshaw (

Brian took some tree moss to produce this Tales From the Crypt cowboy look. The wedding couple - Amanda and Vert Ramp James. Skatepark of Tampa Executives: Barak Wiser, Brian Schaefer, Ryan Clements, and Rob Meronek.
Group photo of the posse: Tracy, Dave Pleshaw, Michelle Wiser, Barak Wiser, Lori Clements, Ryan Clements, Soomi Won, Rob Meronek. Rob Meronek - Asian cowboy. Ryan, Scotty and Jen.