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Tampa Am 2007 Skate Photos

Posted on Monday, January 22, 2007 by Rob

Tampa Am 2007 Skate Photos
Felipe Gustavo - kickflip back smith on the big rail
Alex Olsen - backside tailslide frontside revert
Nick Trapasso - nollie frontside nosegrind
Chris Troy - big spin front board back 270 out
In a few hours, there will be a long list of comments that are not in English on Caio Notaro's backside nosegrind. I wonder if they're all just sitting around hating on everything like American kids are
Tim was saying something on the mic about Tom Asta beating Chris Cole in a game of SKATE. This is a frontside flip
Tanner Zelinsky - feeble grind
Daryl Angel - nollie 5-0
Marques DeVaughn - nollie frontside nosegrind
Louie Lopez - backside tailslide shuv it out
Chris Troy - overcrook on the hubba
Alan Young - heelflip indy to fakie with no leopard print anywhere to be found. That's a good thing
Ben Raybourn doesn't need any leopard print to blast a frontside boneless in the Vert Contest
Alan Young is frontside tailsliding while parents in the background fear for his life because he's padless
Ben Raybourn could have just planted this fast plant on Steve Stratton's head up there
Chris Troy - back smith pointed far south
It was great watching Dylan Rieder win practice. Too bad he didn't make the cut. This is a back lip
This photo pretty much sums up Antwuan Dixon's runs. He decided to just take it easy and push around the course
You can find Joe Hammeke on the Captain Corporate's Coverage Patrol that I'm about three months behind in. This is a frontside tailslide during the Old Man Bowl Jam
Who dat? Frontside boneless to tail in the Old Man Bowl Jam
Brian Schaefer - backside tailslide in the Old Man Bowl Jam
Grown ass men snaking each other in the Old Man Bowl Jam
This is John from Austin doing a frontside ollie over the hip in the Old Man Bowl Jam. I heard he was the one who won it
Mike Sinclair is the Fallen Team Manager. Here he's smith grinding during the Old Man Bowl Jam
Ryan Clements rocks the mohawk every year. This is a frontside grind revert during the Old Man Bowl Jam
David Gonzales - frontside nosegrind on the big rail
One thing I never leared on tranny were correct frontside nosebones like Grant Taylor's here. That's a damn good looking trick
This is probably Tony Manfre's last am contest. Good luck out there, Tony
Kevin Romar - nollie big heel
Sean Malto straight nutted himself on the first trick of his first run, but then came back in his second run to get the Golden Ticket straight to the Finals on Sunday
Ben Raybourn is not only my favorite of the Vert Contest, but one of my favorites for the whole weekend
Andrew Pott - hardflip backside nosegrind during practice at Tampa Am 2007 Semi-Finals


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