Tampa Am 2007 Chill Time Article at Skatepark of Tampa

Tampa Am 2007 Chill Time

Posted on Monday, January 22, 2007 by Rob

Tampa Am 2007 Chill Time
Wow, there are now chill shot sequences. Think I'm putting too much emphasis on the chill shots? I think Dirt Weasel here might secretly be Brian Schaefer's kid
Craig from CCS gave an IPod Nano to the first kid to come to the judges stand that skipped school and paid for a ticket to be at the Contest. Nice - this kid is psyched and it's about time that skipping school paid off for someone
There were free tats all weekend again like last year. Jenny took advantage
Thanks Tim O'Connor for the entertaining time on the mic the entire weekend
A sample of some of the art at the Welcome to Tampa party on Thursday night
I took a shot of this Absinthe with Allen Russell and I had a nice campfire blazing in my chest for a solid half hour
Craig from CCS gave Daryl Angel a 30Gig IPod for winning practice but then choking in his runs
The Cuban Club that we had our 14-Year Anniversary Party at decided to do this stupid system of getting drink tickets for drinks instead of a cash bar. So by the time you got a drink, you waited in three long lines - one to get in, one to get drink tickets, and one to get a drink. They were not prepared for 3,000 people in that place
Steve Young at the Anniversary Party
Puppy love part one
Ugly foot fetish. I'm not a fan of the Dinosaur Jr. Dunks. I've been known to wear some wacky crap, but silver and purple crosses the line for me
Hunter is the Team Manager for Nike SB. I'm wearing three ties just for the hell of it
May as well let other people use my ties to look dressed up. Dave Smith here is the Team Manager for Vans. He's looking dressed up with my ugly ass tie
Puppy love part two
Tito from Team Pain is all dressed up
It appears Alex has just given Oliver a dirty sanchez except Alex is doing the finger sniffing himself instead of making Oliver suffer the joy
Kyle Berard is all dressed up. He's on Consolidated now. If they see him wearing this tie he'll probably get fired
Matt Cantor from MIA Skatepark is all dressed up
Chris Williams from MIA Skate Shop is all dressed up and loaded with drink tickets
Brianna is all dressed up with a nice Baker tie
Red Bull Sarah is all dressed up with the Fruit Striped Gum
Jorge Angel is Clements' assistant. Wear a suit next year, Porpe
Puppy love part three
Rodrigo Lima is all dressed up
This is only part of the crowd. There were way too many people there which made it pretty difficult to get your drunk on
Danny Montoya and Steve Stratton from Volcom
Alex Vidal is all dressed up. I'm a fan of this guy
Tommy from The Finest Skate Shop is all dressed up
Chris Troy is all dressed up
Nick Matlin is all dressed up
Jon Goemann is all dressed up
Eddie Kochendorfer and Nate Compher from Minneapolis
Abdias Rivera, Nick Matlin, Brian Young (Split Team Manager), and Bill Pardee
The Greek and Nick Matlin
How come girls struggle with making the mean face? Shelby and Suzanne both got a decent one
Robbie Kirkland gave up his spot for Yonnie Cruz here to skate in the Am. Things didn't really work out for Yonnie
You can always count on Big Dave to make a good mean face
Ran into this random lesbian couple on the street. Right after this lip locker they asked what website the photo is going to be on. It's always nice to see some non-butch lesbians
Mike Goodwine got some new ink
Mic-E Reyes, Deluxe Team Manager, told me a little bit of the story behind the new Krooked video. It's only coming out on VHS. Gonz is not allowing more than 1,000 copies to be made. It has to be sold for fifty bucks in shops just to break even on the money Gonz spent making it. The whole thing is filmed in the old VHS dad camcorder. I can't wait to see it
Ok so that's why The Stance was so wasted. She and G-Unit had their own sauce supply
This is Holly and The Ricky Burns Deal. They were one of many heavy metal parking lot parties going on during the Contest
Lot lizards
G-Unit's cleavage is almost skatable
Right after Nick Merlino's perfect switch backside 360 down the double set, Craig from CCS called him up to the judges stand and gave him a 30Gig IPod. Nick is obviously stoked
Free brumsky's from G-Unit. David Gravette takes full advantage while Schaefer assists
Body broke his board twice is his run. Craig from CCS gave him an IPod Nano for that
Dan Murphy's dog Indy almost got his head splattered open a few times after he wandered onto the street course
Drunk Aaron got some ink
This is Tim hard at work. He's helping us film the Last Place show for Fuel TV
John Ponts threw down a beer bong right before his run and had the whole Creature team skate with him
Things always get more entertaining when the announcer is doing beer bongs
Wired for sound and being followed around by a camera guy is not the most comfortable feeling in the world. I wonder how much stupid crap I said
There was $560 in the betting pool for the top two pics for Tampa Am winners. Brian Schaefer ended up winning it this year
Mike Daher had a board on Stereo and Far East back in the day. That's him with Ed Selego
Fresh ink on the calf - nice
Chris Lehman got an ink update
Louie Lopez had a king size shook nightie at the Crowbar Contest After-Party. It's enough gown for two people
Scott from Dakine - thanks for the backpacks for the Contest prizes
It's always weird to have the eleventeen year old lurkage at the bar. That's David Gonzales, Ashley Harrison, and Sean Stulz
Frosty and Craig from Shorty's. Craig should have kept one of those IPods to give to the bouncer to keep from getting thrown out of Crowbar
Ewan Bowman from Flip has three beautiful sins in his right hand. A smoke, a beer, and a shot
Anton Arratia's got a good mean face. Filmer Sara's mean face is looking more like she's smelling onions
John Aldin is helping out with Team Manager type stuff over at Deluxe now. This was his first Tampa Am. Welcome to hell, John
That's Keith Wilson from Independent and Santa Cruz along with Vertical Vamp Darren Navarette who just flew in from the Cayman Islands in time for the Crowbar After Party
I'm slipping on the shoe fetish. This is only number two for the night at the Crowbar After Party
This kid had family pictures taped to his helmet and is also keeping the legit sponsor image alive for vert skaters with the Fun Slides sticker
I rode many of Jim Thiebaud's board back in the day. That's him with Brian Schaefer. Jim now works at Deluxe
Ben Raybourn won the Vert Contest that I had in my head
Mike and Mike - Grind for Life tent at the Contest
It's a little crowded in front of the Park for the Moat Race
The moat almost looks clean, but since you can't smell on the internet, you can't tell that it's full of feces and diseases they haven't even discovered yet
I guess this kid is pretty much guaranteed some coverage with that gear on
Craig from CCS gave Dominique Johnson an Apple MacBook for getting 11th place in the Semi-Finals. 11th place misses the cut to the Finals by one, but getting a laptop for it makes it not so bad
This crew of our friends Nick, Michael, and Kevin from Nike SB, helped us out a lot with making this year's Tampa Am the best skateboard shindig we've had to date
Torey Pudwill won Best Trick with a nollie heelflip crooked grind on the big rail and came up on a laptop and a Dakine backpack full of other gear
For our Last Place show we're filming, we're giving out a Last Place trophy at each event now. This time it was Sean Malto for getting last place in the Finals
The champagne flies as Felipe is announced the winner of this year's Tampa Am
Felipe Gustavo and his very proud father. Both don't speak English
A small sample of the Contest after-math. Thanks everyone for coming to our event. See you next year
J Mascis was at the Park watching the contest for a bit then played a great show for 3,000 of our close friends and family at the SPoT 14-Year Anniversary Party last night


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