Random Tampa Nightlife

Posted on Friday, February 9, 2007 by Rob

Random Tampa Nightlife

Way back when Schaefer and I used to live together on Waters Avenue and Packwood, Spencer here from Elysium lived across the street. I'll forever remember this dude as the one who got extra wasted at one of Schaefer's parties and had to get the full hose down like a wild animal. He got a Waters and Packwood tat - hell yeah

Right now we're at the Abandoned Vehicles (Brian Schaefer and Ed Selego's band) show. There are serious Camaro cuts lurking at the show. Here's a massive New York rat tail for ya

Whenever you see the rat tail type, there's a horse mullet guaranteed to be near by. And here you go. Put this dude in the stable

That's Ed Selego and Andy from Abandoned Vehicles. Right behind me Drunk Aaron is spinning in circles in an office chair in the pit

Schaefer's on drums. Every now and then in the middle of the day he decides to smash on the drums in his office which pretty much forces the entire Park to have to stop working until he's done

Drunk Aaron started and ended the pit

The door guy kept a log of who where here for what bands. Derby Darlins brought a posse

Drunk Aaron got tackled like a quarterback by Drunk Rob

I can't figure out if the Bitchin' Camaro belongs to the rat tail or the horse mullet

Alright, so now we're at The Castle and I'm attempting my all nighter before having to be at the airport at 5am for a 6:15am flight to Puerto Rico. Things get started with foot fetish number one for the night

Jovan, see you at the airport in a few hours. Check that new work out

Huh? I was hanging out with girls? I guess so. Foot fetish number two for the night

Camel Ultra Lights means smoke two at once

Drinker Pat's got a new vice. Next photo will probably be with a crack pipe

Crowded foot fetish number three

Someone's got some flexible ankles for foot fetish number four

Robby Kirkland, Drinker Pat, Yonnie. All we're missing here is The Senator

That's Car Bomb there on the left. Remember when he blow'd his whip up?

Foot fetishes and floor shots. I'm getting too predictable

Wow! We made it to the airport on time. Frosty got the security stop because of liquids. That liquid being two beers plus some deodorant. Damn, we need to find Jovan to let us through with those beers

No Jovan in sight so we exit security to slam the disallowed liquids before barely making it for our 6am flight

Delayed flight!!! Weak! Two hour flight delay to 8am means it's skateboard pillow time once again. We wake up at 8 and it's delayed to 11am. Frosty is now three Guinesses deep at the airport bar and I'm sitting here geeking out on the computer. At 11am, we find out the flight is now delayed to 1pm. So, this trip is not starting out so good

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