Nike SB P-Rod 2 Test Weekend in Miami

Posted on Monday, February 19, 2007 by Rob

Nike SB P-Rod 2 Test Weekend in Miami
By Rob Meronek

Every now and then when an important new product or brand launches, the company takes the time to educate the skate shops on what exactly it's all about. Barak was at the Altamont version of this a while back. This weekend Nike SB had one for the P-Rod 2 shoe. I joined Barak this weekend in Miami for that one and had a fun time punishing my liver, lungs, and wallet while we all got to skate the new P-Rod 2 shoe at MIA Skatepark. Check out a few photos below.

Paul Rodriguez - frontside half cab flip

I missed Paul Rodriguez's first nollie 360 flip, but then he did it again perfect, three more times in a row

Check out how hyped Justin Brock is on Daryl Angel's bsts into the bank

Mike Espinosza is starting to get more and more coverage. I heard pleny of my fellow sketchy skateboard industry colleagues wondering who he was and where he's from after our MIA Skatepark session. This is a switch 360 flip

It's so easy to take photos of Paul Rodriguez because he lands everything. This is a fakie flip. I spent more time on my skateboard than I did behind the lens. Sorry for the lack of skate photos

It's been a while since we've had a Take a Poop on the site. In this failed heel flip attempt, Nike SB Team Manager Hunter Muraira is sitting in the perfect crapper stance so I went ahead and gave him the Take a Poop for this session

Yep, we're rolling on A1A in Miami. You are now going to have Vanilla Ice lyrics stuck in your head. Check it:

Rollin' in my 5.0
With my rag-top down so my hair can blow
The girlies on standby waving just to say hi
Did you stop no I just drove by
Kept on pursuing to the next stop
I busted a left and I'm heading to the next block
The block was dead Yo so I continued to A1A Beachfront Avenue

Here's a little bit of the view from the offices we were at in South Beach

A serious dude fest of all kinds of people from all over the country that in one way or another are part of the great sketchy skateboard industry. We all just got our new P-Rod 2's and are gearing up to get down

First, we had a presentation from the designer who taught us a lot of interesting things about the development of the shoe and where it's going in the future

After the session at MIA Skatepark, it was time for sauce and smokes in the parking lot

Group photo of the dude fest like we're all in grade school again. I made a lot of new friends in this crew this weekend. Thanks Nike SB for the quick trip to MIA

Now we're back at the hotel where serious meat wand soup is brewing in the hot tub. What is that like 30 balls in there? It's pretty damn freezing, at least by my standards, so I kept out of the man brew this time

This short video is just a small sample of how romantic the scene was at the meat wand soup party. Some dude playing Little Red Corvette poolside while you rub thighs with your fellow homies in the great sketchy skateboard industry hot tub. Good times!

Now we're off to dinner somewhere in South Beach. Seems like everyone except me enjoys the fancy food. Thumbs down to that. Bring me a burger

Justin Brock, Danny Fuenzalida, and Ben Gore. Have you seen the coverage Justin Brock has been getting lately? This dude is amazing

Schaefer's definitely a fan of the fancy food. Thumbs down to that whole damn plate. You can throw it back in the ocean

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