Australia Day Six - Our Day Off Article at Skatepark of Tampa

Australia Day Six - Our Day Off

Posted on Tuesday, March 6, 2007 by Rob

Australia Day Six - Our Day Off

We all split up and did various things all day Sunday since the contest was over and we all had no plans. I ended up with Chad Bartie on a surfing mission at the beach near his apartment. That mullet probably acts as a nice rudder in the water

That's Bartie's OG New Deal graphic on that board Schaefer used. Yep, they have topless sunbathing everywhere here. Schaefer, turn around

Here's the close up

After all day at the beach, Bartie took us to a couple skate parks around his neighborhood. That's Schaefer on a back tail on one of the sketchy quarters

Mike Burnett, Thrasher photographer, has a beaming front rock for you on this weird escalator thing

A steep little pyramid at one of the course

After skating, we went to a BBQ at P-Stone and Rhino's place where Matt Mumford cooked up some lamb chops, chicken, and all kinds of vegetables

Later that night, we rolled through the lame tourist district again. Security everywhere sucks - they're all assholes, every single one. This guy here was telling us we have to sit down to have a drink. No standing while you drink outside. The lame bouncer stories are endless there. Rhino's got a thumbs down in the pants for this meathead

Foot fetish with some random Australian skaters I met at some tourist trap club

This is D'Andrea and Troy, siblings I met at some random club. Check out here accent and what she's got to say on this video

I met one of Gareth Stehr's old friends at some random bar who ratted him out as a former rollerblader. You can also hear some of D'Andrea's nice Australian accent in this short clip. Note: there are bad words in this video so don't click it if you don't want to broaden your vocabulary

I'm going to have to give all the food I had in Australia a thumbs down, but that's just because I'm a real picky eater. I probably went to all the wrong places though. That's Schaefer and Dyet enjoying a very late night snack

On the way back, the flight left Australia at 1pm on Monday and arrived at 7am on Monday in Los Angeles 14 hours later. That's a wierd time travel deal there. Greg Lutzka has the best seat on the plane right here by the emergency exit

The rest of these are some of Schaefer's chill cam pics. This is at the Varsity double set. That's Schaefer, Sierra Fellers, P-Stone, Alex Chalmers, Rhino, Kyle Berard, and Jason Rothmeyer in the back. Terell Robinson, Chris Haslam, and Rob Meronek doing the self-reach around move are in the front. Or maybe that's Jason Rothmeyer doing the reach around on Meronek

Globe owner/founder Gary Valentine got $1,000 from Appleyard and Mumford for jumping the double set on rollerblades

At the Contest After-Party on Sunday, Dyet used $1,500 of his winnings to buy everyone at the party drinks. He's a very generous person wether he's broke or rich

Brian Schaefer and P-Stone, the Thrasher filmer and best travel companion ever

Mark Appleyard. So if money is the devil, how come organized religion is always begging for it? I've never seen the devil pass around a collection plate. See you in hell


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