Tampa Pro 2007 Saturday

Posted on Sunday, March 18, 2007 by Rob

Tampa Pro 2007 Saturday
Lincoln Ueda - 540
Neal Hendrix - backside 360
Mike Frazier - full cab
I think this was Adam Taylor's first pro contest
Mike Frazier's got a good frontside nosebone
PLG - indy nosebone to fakie
PLG - kickflip mute to fakie
This year we had a special tent behind the vert ramp with some damn good food and beer reserved just for the pros and industry VIP's
Today was Street Qualifiers. This is Anthony Shetler at his first pro contest doing a nollie half cab heel
Nick Dompierre - front crook
Paul Rodriguez had two ripping runs that included a perfect make on this switch flip
Steve Berra won practice with stuff like this frontside flip, but he blew it in his run and lost a $5,000 bet with Rob Dyrdek on who would place higher in the Contest
Eric Koston didn't have to skate today because he's automatically in the Semi-Finals from winning Tampa Pro in a prior year
The VIP tent had free massages and the back cracker thing all day. Body ain't scared to take advantage
The Vert Winners' got giant greenbacks with various industry heads on them. That's Gabe Clement from DVS, Justin Williams from Force, and Mic-e Reyes from Deluxe as dead presidents
Stefan Janoski - kfbsts
Tommy Sandoval - fs180ng
Adam Dyet has these frontside flip melon grabs on lock
There were free tattoos all day long. This one was a little disturbing. Brian Schaefer got a Bill Weiss tat on his calf
Then Bill Weiss goes and gets Schaefer tatted on his ass
Big Black was on the mic for a while and also announced Rob Dyrdek's run
Nate Jones was another guest MC for a while
Ian Hill from Fuel TV is down
DJ Wade - this dude rips
Foot fetish in the parking lot
Jersey Sarah, meet Buffalo Stance. They both recognize each other from way too many chill shots of each other on the site
The tat brothers. Schaefer and Weiss
That's Camilla from Copenhagen and Clyde Singleton with a censored shirt
Is Nina making it on the Rob and Big show? Those are Rob and Big Black autographs there
Serious skateboard business going down in Schaefer's office in a judges meeting after the Contest
Steve Berra, Brian Schaefer, and Rob Dyrdek swarmed by an army of MTV filmers
Brian Anderson destroyed everything on the course today. Can't wait to see him skate again in the Semi-Finals
Somehow I came up with the energy to go out to Czar for the After-Party. That's Rob Brink on the right, and Raven's boob nearly popping out on the left
The Senator was getting extra loose on the stripper pole
Rodney Jones from Billabong, Jaime Stone from Transworld, Craig Glover from CCS, and Buffalo Stance from skateparkoftampa.com
Ed Selego must have spent about $20 tipping Audrey who performed an hour long show on the stripper pole for us
Ashely Harrison wishes Ashlee was Ryan Sheckler right now
Fashionable wristwear
No matter how hard she tries, Filmer Sara cannot make a mean face. Tommy Sandoval, however, has the looks that kill
Those are Olivia. I mean that's Olivia
The SPoT staff is up late and at work early every night. That's Blaze, Sean Albright, and Bristol with that one eleventeen year old

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