Tampa Pro 2007 Chill Time Article at Skatepark of Tampa

Tampa Pro 2007 Chill Time

Posted on Monday, March 19, 2007 by Rob

Tampa Pro 2007 Chill Time

The live webcast thing looks pretty tech. Thanks for watching and sending in some funny comments

Big Black announced for a bit. That's five grand in one dollar bills on his head. Steve Berra lost it in a bet with Dyrdek on who would place better

That's Michael, Will, and Justin with Greg Lutzka

Malcom Watson got some side cash for making his 360 flip noseslide in his run

Antwuan Dixon was hanging out all weekend in his slippers

Sven from Fuel TV is getting ready for the Moat Race

Dyrdek gave $500 in ones to the winner of the Moat Race

One of these dudes had just gotten a tattoo and was in the Moat Race. Wow

The scene at the Moat Race

Some kid dragged Sven into the moat

So I guess this is the kid that won the five hundred bucks. I heard him saying something about getting hookers

I wonder wht's going through Bill Weiss' head right before he gets buck naked and has to do a 540 in front of a huge crowd

While Wiess was doing the naked 540, Bam Bam and Big Black were breaking up the five grand in ones to get ready to throw it off the vert ramp and into the crowd

Five thousand one dollar bills go out - wow

It takes a long time to throw out five thousand pieces of paper. We were sweeping them off the deck in into the tranny. Money was everywhere

Thanks Rob and Big for the money shower

Ronnie Creager came up $89 in the money shower

Brian Schaefer, the second hottest girl at the contest, Big Black, and the third hottest girl at the contest. Who were those chicks?

Mike Peterson got some money for doing a blunt fakie on the vert wall

The girl section of the product toss was pretty large

We even had completes to throw out. If your company sent product, thanks for that

Rick Howard - thanks for showing up

Kevin from Nike SB - thanks for the support

Gabe Clement - thanks for the support

Red Bull Sarah - thanks for the support and the Red Bull

James from Atomic Tattoos hooked up the free tats all weekend

James' friends went a little wild with the tat gun. He let them put "straight edge sucks" with three X's on the left ankle and "country music rules" on the right with three swastikas

Chris Ortiz from 411 hooked up the live webcast

Bill Weiss - thanks for the entertainment all weekend

Schaefer made Weiss drop his pants for the crowd to show off the Schaefer tat. He then kissed it

Watch for the Tampa Pro episode of Rob and Big on MTV

Brian Schaefer and Irma, his mom

Stefan Janoski won Best Trick with a switch flip crooked grind on the rail

Billy Marks is the chief of our newly formed team, the Skatepark of Tampa Gambling Team

Top three in this year's Tampa Pro: Jereme Rogers, Eric Koston, and Paul Rodriguez

The $10,000 bill had Hunter's face on it. He's the Nike SB Team Manager

Champagne flies at Koston is announced the winner

The $20,000 bill had Rodney Johnson's face on it. He's the Billabong Team Manager

The $15,000 bill had Ryan Dewitt on it. He's the Element team manager


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