Tampa Pro 2007 Party Time

Posted on Monday, March 19, 2007 by Rob

Tampa Pro 2007 Party Time

Red Bull gives your snach wings

Foot fetish number one of many for the night. I think that's Tommy Sandoval

James Craig is double fisting even when it's not an open bar

Mic-E Reyes from Deluxe and Sam Smyth from Girl. Thanks for bringing your guys to our skateboard shindig

When you hold a beer bottle up to your ear, you hear the sounds of good times. That's Kevin Taylor and Ryan Nix

Foot fetish number two for the night

Sven from Fuel TV and DJ Wade have the same high strung personalities

That's Thomas Kring from Copenhagen. We'll be doing a Pro Contest at the end of June at Copenhagen Skatepark with him

Hey Scott from Dakine, I could use a new laptop bag

That's Camilla and Anika from Copenhagen. We'll be working with them also for the June 28 Copenhagen Pro. See you in Denmark

G-Unit and Buffalo Stance swapping a bit of spit. This is not the only person G-Unit swapped spit at the bar with. Ask her about it. She's got a good story

I always avoid the shots. Dyrdek and his crew are down. Rob later puked in G-Unit's car

An extra crowded foot fetish

Filmer Sara, Jorge Angel from SPoT, Matt Giles from the backwoods, and Curtis Valentine from everywhere. Not sure who the fifth lurker is

Camilla went ahead and invited Jorge to Copenhagen for the Copenhagen Pro in June. She says it's much more fun in Denmark if you don't have a girlfriend. See you there without your girlfriend

Thanks for coming to our contest, Pete Eldridge

Adam Dyet and Erica, straight from the salt flats of Utah

Extra wasted foot fetish

Oops, busted beer bottle foot fetish

Brian Schaefer, Brian Anderson, and Jeron Wilson. The Girl team killed it this weekend on the street course and in the bars

Daniel Castillo and Oliver, who needs to turn 90 degrees left

Barker Barrett, Brian Anderson, and Hunter. Shortly after this, Hunter kicked off a wild dance off

Hunter's got some wacky dance moves

Filmer Sara and Omar Salazar. It's getting really late, everyone's getting way drunker

Not sure what Filmer Sara is trying to get going with Erica here. Where did the devil horns come from? Good night everyone

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