Phoenix Am 2007 Sunday Chill Time Article at Skatepark of Tampa

Phoenix Am 2007 Sunday Chill Time

Posted on Monday, March 26, 2007 by Rob

Phoenix Am 2007 Sunday Chill Time
Words and captions by Rob Meronek
Phots by Rob Meronek and Scotty The Body Conley

Body took over the chill cam for a while on Saturday and Sunday to help me out with getting a few snaps of all the side show stuff at Phoenix Am 2007. That also helped to make sure that I got at least more than one skate photo. Thanks to everyone we hung out with for yet another weekend of good times with good friends. See you all at the next skateboard shindig.

One of my favorites of the weekend - Tanner Zelinski. That's a nice casual cruise right there

Terell Robinson AKA The Predator is either doing the "C" from "YMCA" or a stand still nose manual

Brian Young and the Nuge in the crowd that doesn't care about littering

Kurtis Calomonico ended up in 7th in the Finals

Body has the best seat in the house

Anthony Williams - straight outta the south

Mongo mania

Matt Price has photos from Phoenix Am right here

Grant Taylor, one ripping rider of skateboards

Abdias Rivera needs his sauce confiscated

Chris Troy is currently Tom Brokeoff

The King of Lizards with the King of Coffee, Tats, Tranny, and Industry VIP Contests

So we show up at the art show/after party and find that it's getting broken up by the cops. This meathead bouncer got a beer upside the head thanks to Sierra Fellers. Hell yeah, Sierra

Body spent about 20 minutes in handcuffs while Trent from Cowtown tried to explain to the cops how retarded they were being

So we end up at the Jocko Biffarellie bar next door to the place where we meet girls that pretty much suck. Not sure who this one is. That's Nick Matlin, sunburn champ of the weekend, and Body

That's Raul from Circa, his girl Angel (who is wearing pants even though it doesn't look like it), and some random girl Angel met in the bathroom

Body and I were pretty lit and started a challenge on who knows more Wu Tang lyrics. This meathead joined in and gave us both a run for our money. Body had a drunken rap battle with him and after shutting him down, the dude got a little salty on us. Hence, Body's thumbs down for him and his busted chick

Most of the yards in Arizona seem to be rocks instead of grass. At least you don't have to mow rocks

That's Justin Williams from Force and Ryan Denman having a tailgate party and yard sale

Lizard has more ink every time I see him. That's some random mom who got a Lizard autograph on the boob

Body was hustlin Shaqueefa all day

Building the Shaqueefa empire, one naive girl at a time

Andrew Cannon and I have the same views on organized religious superstitions

This is not Louie Lopez's first photo on the site with a super ghetto gown

Sierra Fellers has come up on some major loot in the last few weeks

That's the top three. Sick trophies

This is Lyndsey. She's only 17 so see you next year, Lyndsey. She rips on that four wheeled contraption there

The chill cam doesn't take very good skate photos and I don't think Lyndsey made this kickflip fakie, but check that flick. Not bad

More Shaqueefa husltin' by Body


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