A Random Wednesday Adventure Article at Skatepark of Tampa

A Random Wednesday Adventure

Posted on Thursday, March 29, 2007 by Rob

A Random Wednesday Adventure

Yesterday at the brick ghetto banks, I took the slam of a lifetime when one of my wheels went into the missing brick holes on the way back into the bank. It was one of those slams where falling is the last thing on your mind because what you're doing is so easy. I got tossed to the bricks extra hard, after which 20 ghetto lurkers were rolling on the floor (actually the basketball court) laughing hysterically at me. They tried to sell us some Vicodin. I skated for a while after that thinking everything was okay. About an hour later it started to feel like I had a knife in my armpit so I decided to go to the hospital, but not before stopping by the Reservoir Bar. What a loser

Broken ribs and broken collar bones are the same type of injury. You go to the hospital and they pretty much don't do anything except tell you it's broken and send you on your way. Normally, I wouldn't even go for a rib crack, but I've heard a few too many stories about busted ribs puncturing vital organs that cause near death experiences. The Stance happened to randomly stroll into Reservoir so I hung out for another couple beers before jumping into a cab to the emergency room

So I get to the ER at Tampa General Hospital downtown and quickly realize that the ER is pretty much where the same cut of society that hangs out at the Department of Motor Vehicles all day goes to at night. This is NASCAR Couple. They were sleeping in the waiting room. Not a good sign

I live right near the hospital so I had the cab guy stop by my place on the way to the ER so I could get my Ipod. Now I'm extra bored in the waiting room at about 2am taking random dumb photos. That lady there on the left is crazy. Not the good kind of crazy, either

About an hour later, NASCAR Couple is still passed out and no one has been called in to see the Doc

Infomercials, lots of infomercials

Browsing through all the old photos on my Ipod. It's approaching 3am. I should have stayed at the bar

Foot fetish all by my lonesome

Okay, NASCAR Couple is moving in and getting extra comfortable. If I had a punctured whatever I'm sure I'd be passed out or something. I'll deal with the knife in the armpit. I'm out of here

I'm walking back home from the ER right now. This is the tunnel that leads to my neighborhood. That Grand Canyon sized sidewalk crack right there caused blunt force trauma to the head for Ryan Dodge a while back when we were skating under the influence returning from some random Hyde Park bar. Not sure why I took a picture of the crack. I'm just bored on the way home

Here's the ledge in the parking garage where I live

Almost home. That's my building there in the back

Pause for an upskirt shot with a Florida palm tree

More upskirt shots with random Florida vegitation

When I got to the Skatepark this morning, I found this guy as a new addition to the family. I had to manhandle him to make him stay still for the photo. This guys name is A, pronounced "Ehhhhhhhhh," as in the way Drunk Aaron says it


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