Spring Break Yo'Self 2007 Chill Time Article at Skatepark of Tampa

Spring Break Yo'Self 2007 Chill Time

Posted on Monday, April 9, 2007 by Rob

Spring Break Yo'Self 2007 Chill Time

This is Ari from the DooGood Conservatory's shoe. Check out his new business venture

Ari from the DooGood Conservatory has some crazy business ideas. This latest one is a dog tag thing that he claims sets your balance straight. He had Clements stand with his feet together to see if he could push down on his hand and make him fall, which he did. Then he gave Clements his coffee after tapping the balancing dog tag thing on the cup and tried it again. You see the outcome on this video clip

Foot fetish number two for the day. Chris Troy broke his foot and got this weird looking toe tray cast

Open container ticket from salty San Diego cops coming in 5...4...3...2...

Instead of giving out laptops and iPods, Craig from CCS was giving out Rum and Coke this time

Rhino from Thrasher waving the open container ticket flag

First victim of the open container crackdown

Tommy Sandoval won $10,000 for cliff diving

Active Erica needed to shoot about five of these photos before she approved of the shot. I approved of all five of them

Filmer Sara was victim number two of the open container crackdown

Lacee, who no longer works in the skate industry but still parties with it, and her friend she got matching tats with

Mike Migdol from Automatic Magazine. Hopefully nothing happened to his camera gear so you'll see coverage of this in Automatic soon

First of many spilled drink foot fetish shots

Foot fetish with the dude who barefoot ollied the skateboard cliff. Ouch

That's Blair from Transworld in the middle with Schaefer and Filmer Sara. Check Blair's chill shots on the Transworld site

Kristian Svitak's band played

The Vertical Vampire lurking in the shadows

That's Mario Rubalcaba on drums. Remember him? You do? Well, welcome to the 30 and Up Club, pal

That's Joe Hammeke. You can see all the stuff he's shooting on the Captain Corporate Coverage Patrol

I'm really bored on the plane and having a hard time working so I'm taking lots of random weird photos. Vestal, thanks for hooking up this watch

We had a layover in Phoenix. Phoenix is flat and brown, like a pancake

Airbrakes are on. I wonder what would happen if they put them on in the air

Went through every skate mag so it's on to the Sky Mall magazine. It's filled with the worst crap ever. Here's a shoe that's claiming to "catapult your career"

Clements used to own a lawn maintenance business before he started working here. I wonder if he walked around all day in these shoes

Get yourself a nice ass washer for only $800

A bottle open and USB hard drive combo key? I'm a nerd and even I think that's retarded. Man, I wish I could sleep on planes

Here are a few more photos of Filmer Sara's arrest sent over by Rob Brink:


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