A Random Work Week at SPoT Article at Skatepark of Tampa

A Random Work Week at SPoT

Posted on Friday, April 13, 2007 by Rob

A Random Work Week at SPoT

This is Clem's office. We have lots of fun SPoTlight business meetings here where we plan all kinds of skateboard shindigs like this one here where we're on a conference call with Red Bull discussing the Manny Mania pro manual contest event in Venice Beach on May 19th. We also have some slightly dull meetings that involve accounting, numbers, employee issues, and other various Captain Corporate type stuff

Joe will help you out next time you're in the Shop. He's filming some kind of documentary or something. Clem is under the interview gun right now

Jonathon and I have been packing it in the ASS (Asian Sweat Shop - online order packing) all week long. Jonathon and Online Guy are taking care of all your online orders now

Anyone else out there work in an office where this is the can you have to use? Nice, leave-behind on the birds nest, asshole. This is why a lot of us here try to time our pooping to drop at times when we're not working at the Park. Sometimes I go home for lunch just so I can more comfortably dook it out

Meanwhile, in the parking lot, we have some dude proud to be a "Brown Neck." Apparently, that's a Mexican redneck. Is that racist? I don't know. Someone please explain the rules to me

Guess who's chest this is and win nothing

When our ASS (Asian Sweat Shop - online order packing) gets rammed, the boxes pile up in the hallway. That's when the "grazers" go down, that slight brush from another dude when you both have to pass through a skinny hallway in opposite directions. Always face away from each other for the grazer. Never do meat wand to meat wand in tight quarters like this. Employees are not always working. Look at the bulletin board to your right

The bulletin board in the hallway is our office equivalent of the water cooler. It's where all employees blatantly and publicly make fun of other employees using various print media. Here, Schaefer, Welch, and Clements are hanging out. That's SAD's postcard from Japan there on the left

Wizard Smoke works in the Shop. I would guess that Barak made this Wizard of SPoT flyer. The sorcerer wants to sell you some magic trucks

The Clements Army has a note taped above it that says, "He'll call you back, he's in a meeting." Yep, standard stuff. When did Clem go shakka?

Grazers are finally overwith when UPS comes and picks up all the boxes that flew out of our ASS (Asian Sweat Shop - online order packing)

I'm really not that much of a Hooters fan, it's just across the street from my place so I end up there a lot. They got one of them high tech remotes that works on any TV

Lots of beers, lots of friends. It never gets old as long as my liver doesn't get too pissed at me

That's Anthony Furlong who had some homework or something going on at the bar

I'm giving myself a medal for not getting trapped up in the nightlife tornado. I made it home and now wish there was a nearby McDonalds

Early to work the next morning. Well, not that early. I'm pretty much the last one to get there. Been in the Shop lately? Let me take you on a tour

We recently expanded the Shop so we have more room for things to get cluttered up

That's Gonzo's desk. He makes sure all the inventory behaves itself

There's Wizard Smoke working the Shop. We hooked Mr. Wizard up with a flight to the Damn Am in Minneapolis in June because he had the highest sales in the Shop so far this year, among other things

We got trucks. We got wheels

That's a lot of decks...

...but that's only half of them

A great place to be if you have a nice foot fetish like I do

Go window shopping here

I'd like a wall of jeans in my place

That's our anorexic mannequin there on the left

Someone call 911. Online Guy has been decapitated and left naked for dead. We're going to have to put him back together like Humpty Dumpty

This is where I sit upstairs. It's way too quiet up here. If you're ever in the building, stop by and say what's up just to break the silence

This afternoon at SPoT was Employee Pizza Friday. We order a bunch of pizzas, watch skate videos in the Snack Bar, and skate together afterwards. This and the grazers in the tight hallways makes for some nice male bonding. That's Levi from the maintenance crew

That's Schaefer our leader, Body our Snack Bar custodian, and Swill the electricity champ

Someone backed in to Frosty's truck last night in the parking lot and took off. So, he looked up all the names of people who skated at the Park that day to get the dude's address. Frosty showed up at his house yada yada yada and now the kid is paying for the damage

Barak brought a box of promo stuff so everyone could go through and pick a pair of pants, some shirts, and other various gear

Swill got some TAPS out of the bin. Welch should get some new shorts out of there

Yo, Angel, grab some clothes for Online Guy. He's creeping me out


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