Random Weirdness While Working at SPoT

Posted on Wednesday, April 18, 2007 by Rob

Random Weirdness While Working at SPoT

Our SPoTlight Productions meetings and conference calls on the Red Bull Manny Mania pro manual contest in Venice Beach on May 19 continue as we look over proofs of the obstacle and figure out measurements. Skateboard conference calls sometimes are a pretty fun time

I can drive home for lunch, cook a full blown meal using every burner on the stove, eat it, clean up, and be back at work within an hour for more sketchy skateboard industry conference calls. I should have a cooking show or something. Sure beats popcorn in the Snack Bar for lunch

Thanks for the gummy bears, Frosty. They're the good kind, too. Generic gummy bears are the worst, especially if you know your candy

Stopped by Angel's desk to pick up the product cam to shoot a Damn Am ad with. Check these props out that we use for wallet photos

We have sort of a private crapper here, but it's just as crusty as the regular crapper near the Shop. This one is only "sort of" private because every employee has the key, making the old walk in on your crapper session an all too common thing. So, we made these "in use" signs that keep disappearing for some reason. The alternative is to tie a piece of toilet paper around the door handle. Whoever is in the crapper right now took out double insurance on the walk in and did both. I need to get in there and shoot this Damn Am ad. Thanks for blowing it up for me, first

When the mags tell you they're down to run an ad for you, but it has to be in tomorrow, it's pretty tough to put something together with our hectic schedules here. So I just wrote the basic contest info on some toilet paper and taped it to the water cooler in the "sort of" private pooper to make for a quick, crappy ad, literally and figuratively

There aren't too many things besides Schaefer himself that have been here since day one way back in 1993. This blanket that we use to cover the door has survived 14 years so far. It's starting to disintegrate

Camilla sent Schaefer over a personalized autographed copy of the magazine she was in. It said something about Danish milk. Schaefer's taking a sip

Want to touch the hiney

Camilla gets a shirtless Schaefer hug. How many ladies are doing the two fingered double click on their own mouse right now?

Here is the current state of Online Guy

The very back warehouse by the highway used to be occupied by our friend Monk who had a record company. We had to take it over because our ASS (Asian Sweat Shop - online order packing) is getting way too fat along with too much Shop stuff. Check out this pile of vintage iPods back there

There's the new highway, Interstate 4 (or "The 4" if you live in Cali). It used to be on level ground so our sign could be seen. The sign is pretty useless now. We should have raised it up like Marine Max there. When is someone going to finally get up in that boat for a photo?

Here's a photo of our bare naked ASS (Asian Sweat Shop - online order packing). As soon as we get things organized, this will be where all your online orders get packed and shipped

Call your dad over to the computer and show him this movie poster. He'll be psyched

There's some weird stuff back there in Monk's dungeon. This looks like a reject pile for people who auditioned for the Online Guy position

Whoa, the new ASS (Asian Sweat Shop - online order packing) has a decent crapper. I might have to move my office back there

Now we're back on another conference call. This one was some planning for the eS Game of SKATE in San Diego in September. Red Bull kept us all awake for this one

International conference calls are always fun. We have them every now and then while figuring out the details for the Copenhagen Pro at the end of June. Here's a rough draft they sent over of how the street course might look. Schaefer volunteered a week of his time to go there to help build and make sure everything's up to par for the event. What a Mr. Nice Guy

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