A Regular Wednesday at SPoT Article at Skatepark of Tampa

A Regular Wednesday at SPoT

Posted on Thursday, April 19, 2007 by Rob

A Regular Wednesday at SPoT

Every Wednesday at 5pm, there's a SPoT employee meeting where we all get together and speak up about anything we think that needs to be heard by all. Topics range from trying to figure out who's been wiping their ass and putting the toilet paper into the trash can instead of the toilet to general announcements about regular business type stuff. That's Alex Bowers. He helps Gonzo keep the inventory in check. What's that two headed naked statue thing?

The two headed naked statue thing has five tits

More meetings. This time it's in Schaefer's office and it's a meeting with Clements, Barak, Schaefer, and I about general SPoT bid'niss stuff. Sitting on the floor in a meeting is way more comfortable. This was a nice one. None of us had anything really to talk about so we all went back to work, and I went back to taking stupid pictures of stuff

Joe in the Shop is moving to New York City. We all signed a board for him. Farewell, Joe

That's Online Guy with Schaefer modeling the best shorts ever made that you can't find anymore. Fourstar shorts from the early 90's. I have two pairs I'm still holding on to like gold. Schaefer has one pair left but they're on their last leg. He's offering $100 or a complete board to anyone who can provide a pair of OG legit Fourstar shorts. They fit perfect, have an extra dope lining, zipper pockets, draw string waist, etc. So far we have not found a better pair of shorts. Email Brian at brian@skateparkoftampa.com if you have a pair you're willing to part with

Close up of the features on the Fourstar shorts. Black is preferred

This is the shrink wrap machine thing along with Frosty concentrating hard on the topic at hand during the employee meeting

Sean Albright the Shop Manager, Barak Wiser the Buyer, and Brian Schaefer the HNIC during the employee meeting. Nappy headed oriental hair creeping in on the upper left

Swill and Gonzo, strictly business during the employee meeting

Schaefer went shopping after the meeting

That's Joe Monteleone who works in the Shop. He's out of here for New York City. The ultimate pipe, the Big Apple. But, not before he does this varial heel flip on the bank

It's been way to long since I've been drunk with Drunk Aaron. We're going to fix that in about six hours. This is an alley oop backside flip from bank to bank

That's a good Eric Koston BMXer look alike

Joe is fakie flipping his way to the Big Pipe

Every old guy has a no comply on something. Kyle Stone needs a job and a nut. Someone hook him up

No, Jorge Angel doesn't work at Busch Gardens with that safari gear. He works here at SPoT. This is a kickflip fakie. You can also find Jorge on the Foundation website today

T4PREZ was doing giant switch varial heels

The product cam takes pretty decent skate photos as long as you have a flash. Right here I made the shutter speed super slow for the art fag effect. Matt Giles is 360 flipping to fakie

Chris Jata's got some hop on the nollie flicks. This one's a nollie half cab heelflip. Yes, it's a make

Matt Giles - frontside flip

I'm feelin' the wooden wave slasher

T4PREZ - nollie heelflip fakie

Chris Jata has a good nollie inward heel. The slow shutter speed got it like a two frame sequence

Jorge of the Jungle - nollie flip

Randy Browne was recently in Ecuador giving sticks to _______ (you fill in the blank with a word that rhymes). This is a frontside ollie from the quarter to the vert wall

Still on the slow shutter speed. This is Matt Giles fakie flipping of the wedge

T4PREZ - nollie half cab flip off the wedge

We have two new companies in the Shop: Brixton hats and Shaqueefa threads

It's cool how random products just show up every now and then here. Birdhouse sent this board to test out. It's some kind of new wood technology called Black 6. Thanks, Birdhouse

These are the five boards Girl sent that you can win in the online giveaway. Good luck on getting the Jereme Rogers one. He's not on Girl anymore


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