A Not So Exciting Week at Skatepark of Tampa

Posted on Wednesday, April 25, 2007 by Rob

A Not So Exciting Week at Skatepark of Tampa

Here's the ledge in the parking garage at my place. Were they trying to skate stop it or is there an actual use for the weird chain fence?

If you're near Channelside, stop by and get tubular on the Florida Aquarium wave. Careful, that thing will stab you in the back on a backside wallride

How about the awesome feeling of just having pinched one off in a public pooper, reaching for the TP, and finding this sign in its place? Sick. We should have this policy here for the SPoT crappers. This is at some random place in Ybor

These are in Ybor also. They're super small unless you're David Gonzales

For some reason, I found train tracks that cross perpendicular somewhat interesting. I don't think I've ever seen that before. You don't care, do you?

How do you like our new crapper set up? Right after you drop some schlow you have to turn to your bro next to you and ask to borrow some TP. At least we don't make you go to the Shop to get it

I was at New World in Ybor last night watching "Chicks With Guitars." They always have a decent local show going on in this place, but for some reason, everyone hangs out at mullet rock central: Reservoir Bar

So now it's Reservoir Bar and time for a foot fetish. Mad swooshes in the joint

No flash sneak attack for the butt crack photo at the bar

I can actually push around now since the crazy rib injury has calmed down. Glad I'm not the only one that skates to the bar

Curtis has had enough of the nine dollar beers in South Beach so he's back in Tampa and then moving on to NYC to get gnarly

Breakfast with Ronald and a magazine in the crapper is a fine way to kick off another 9 to 5 day in the office

At least I flush and don't leave a birds nest behind

The not so exciting regular work week at SPoT involves lots of nerdy computer code writing as you can see in the bottom screen shot. Writing dumb captions for random photos is definitely easier than writing cryptic code for a machine to read. Here's a preview of what the new site is going to look like. The black and neon days are numbered. Okay, I'm going back to real work now

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