Random Pictures of Nothing Much

Posted on Thursday, April 26, 2007 by Rob

Random Pictures of Nothing Much

Bowers pointed out that there were some weird lurkers outside before we were open. I look out and yep, it's looking like Corey Duffel's heavy sister and crew

This is the Snack Bar log. Employees use the honor system (some use the dishonor system) to buy yummy snacks while at work. Can we please get some gummy bears and a better candy selection in the Snack Bar? Sweet Tarts would be good

Every Wednesday at 3pm, we have our SPoT general bid'niss meeting where we go over all the random stuff that needs attention. This one started out pretty funny. It had to do with having a slightly weird sponsor for the upcoming annual Free Day. Some insurance company offered to cover the expenses so we all voted yay or nay on taking their money. At first I voted nay, but then I changed to yay. So, uh, see you at the Esurance.com Free Day coming soon

Knuckles and I both sit on the floor during meetings. Knuckles is looking extra comfortable. Just looking at this photo makes me tired

Here's another snapshot for the nerds. This language here is called Transact-SQL. This is how you get information into and out of the flux capacitor gargantuan SQL Server database that stores all the information contained on this website. This particular procedure is part of the nerd code that runs when you ask Captain Corporate for something. This combined with another language called C# on a platform called asp.net in a program called Visual Studio is what goes on behind the scenes of this website. You have to have a pretty different than average brain to be interested in this geek stuff

Right after our weekly SPoT general bid'niss meeting is the weekly staff meeting at 5pm every Wednesday. Topics brought up in this week's meeting include:

A wild chicken running around in the parking lot. Someone try to catch it or something

Watch out for kids sneaking in, but also watch out for parents doing the sneak attack. Bowers in the Shop busted a parent straight up sneaking their kid in to skate. Sketchy, shady ass parents. Wow

We got another postcard from SAD in Japan. Let's do an event there. The Jap Am sounds good

How about a bulletin board update? Someone hacked up a DGK sticker for this one

Some of Ben's (aka Sierra Fellers imposter) work.

Is Matt Milligan the new Senator? That OG SPoT membership card is covering up a full on boner stretching the panties out. Stance is psyched

I go out by myself and always end up meeting random friends. Buffalo Stance was at New World. Flip flops? Oh man, let's take a foot fetish. Apparently, there are only 60 pairs of these Dunks made. Looking forward to wrecking them skating this weekend

Next, Schaefer walks in and it's a foot fetish on the bar

Jovan was there, too. Foot fetish number three

Then Ed and Matt Selego showed up. Damn, so much for trying to go home early. What's that gangsta finger language Ed's throwing out? Miami?

What the hell? Matt, are you missing a toe?

Even dive bars have nicer cans than we have at SPoT

Everyone claims to have Zippo tricks like it's a yo-yo or something. Matt Selgo needs some work on his Zippo lighting technique

We're at Czar Bar now and Joel from Reax has a one eyed mean face for you

It's pretty hard to take skate photos with the chill cam. Ed Selego is kickflippin in Czar right here

Man, it's getting late, I should go home. What? Reservoir Bar? Okay, let's go!

I didn't do this

The can at the Reservoir Bar is looking more deluxe than our bathrooms

Here's the current state of Online Guy. We're goin' streaking!!!!

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