A Quick Trip to the Other Coast of Florida Article at Skatepark of Tampa

A Quick Trip to the Other Coast of Florida

Posted on Saturday, April 28, 2007 by Rob

A Quick Trip to the Other Coast of Florida

After driving a couple hours from Tampa, you end up in Cocoa Beach, Florida

The first stop we made was Oviedo Skatepark. Helmets are required. We don't have helmets. Some girl was working the front counter by herself. We knew she couldn't do anything, so we just barged it and skated until her boss came over and kicked us out

We were close to Paradise Funplex so we skated there for a bit. Thanks Paradise for hooking us up on the free entry

This spot has potential, but when you try to skate it, you quickly realize you pretty much can't do anything with it. Giles has a sideways back d and Levi has a front rock, though

Extreme skateboarding at Ron Jon's Surf Shop

Next we stopped by Cocoa Beach Skate Park. That's Clem and Levi in the big ice cream scooper

You can high five Ryan Clements on the way in from this smith

Levi Combs back smiths at the crowded skatepark surrounded by empty baseball and soccer fields

Matt Giles has a good back smith, too

Levi's got a good and level backside crailslide

Here's the street part of Cocoa Beach Skatepark. The bank to Jersey barrier is pretty fun

Who dat? Feeble grind

It's a windy ride in the Clem-350

This is the night view off the balcony of our hotel room in Cocoa Beach. You can stay here for $90 a night

Dodge and I went to some art show that involved drawing on white tees

We must be at the bar if a foot fetish is going down

Next morning we went to the beach. The water is way too cold for me. Everyone else body surfed. What is Clements doing?

I'm the only geek on the beach with jeans and shoes. This is a hammerhead shark, right? I tried to throw him back in but he kept swiming back to shore and beaching himself

I thought he was going to die and there would be some extra pissed momma shark out there eating people on the beach

So I called Levi over and he took him far out to sea where he was able to swim away

If I grow up, I'm going to be the creepy metal detector guy on the beach

After the beach, we went to Sattelite Beach Skatepark. It was the same situation as Oviedo: some girl working by herself with helmets required. Since it was the same situation, we had the same reaction. Barge it and skate until someone besides some innocent chick working the counter comes and kicks us out. We lasted about 20 minutes before her boss showed up. She threw us out, but was very polite

After getting the boot from Satellite Beach, we went to Kenny's backyard mini-ramp and had a fun afternoon skating the tight tranny and wood

Sometimes the chill cam takes a half decent skate photo. This is Levi closing in on a frontside disaster

Since I was sort of broke off from the day before, Dodge took my board and did a meron grab on it for me. Yes, it's a make

Kenny and Carrie cooked us a full blown meal after we skated. Thanks!

Durke woke up early at 2pm so he could join the session. This is a half cab

We ended our day with a ping pong battle at Dodge's house and are now on the road home


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