This Week in Tampa May 6, 2007 Article at Skatepark of Tampa

This Week in Tampa May 6, 2007

Posted on Sunday, May 6, 2007 by Rob

This Week in Tampa May 6, 2007

I think I know where the wild chicken came from. They're everywhere in Ybor. If you catch it, make me a sandwich

A pile of Dakine bags have arrived, including plenty of extras for an online giveaway. Watch for that coming later this week. Online guy is ready for a trip. At least he's not going naked

On one random night out this week, I was lucky enough to run into these characters - Brian Schaefer and James T Cantor

We had an ant infestation in some inventory. How else do you get them out of a box of shirts other than blasting them with air?

Saw Souls of Mischief at Orpheum on Friday night and Jay Giroux was there doing live art

An interesting foot fetish with pink socks and a SPoT tattoo

Ryan Dodge randomly showed up in Tampa on Friday night and crashed at my place. He's too busy attending to other things in this photo with Stance and Lea

Here's a SPoT bulletin board update. Ryan Clements is now well versed on managing multiple minorities

The Senator is a popular guy when it comes to Photoshopping on the SPoT bulletin board. Looks like Weiss and Welch are victims this time

Got this photo from Derewenko the other day. Big Al and Sarge, where you at? See you at The Hub when you get back into town, Allen

This is the hallway where the SPoT bulletin board is. That's Drunk Aaron with his new cut

Dodge and I woke up way too early on Saturday morning, cooked a bunch of bacon, and headed to Orlando to skate all day. We had to make this pit stop to get a photo with a busted ass whip

Covert Skate Shop in Orlando was our posse up spot

Beta is next door to Covert. Check them out for some extra dope kicks

One spot we ended up at was the mini-ramp at University Surf and Skate. We didn't get to skate too long because the employee working there wanted us to stop because he had a headache. Yeah

This weirdo tranny type thing is behind USS. It's cool for a few hits, but it's not as fun as it looks, at least not to me. Dodge has a nice backside ollie on it

Freddie Tan - wow, this dude rips and makes it look good, too. This is a backside tailslide on a newly greased up ledge somewhere in Orlando

Will from Covert has a FSNG on it

Then Dodge did the FSNG switch to forward

It's Sunday afternoon at 2pm and this is what I see when I look up from my laptop - Clearwater Beach. The weather here in Florida is perfect these days so I work outside as much as I can. Wireless internet is such a good thing. Now someone bring me a beer. I'm done working


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