Skateboard Business and Skateboard Pleasure Article at Skatepark of Tampa

Skateboard Business and Skateboard Pleasure

Posted on Wednesday, May 9, 2007 by Rob

Skateboard Business and Skateboard Pleasure

That Mike Goodwine piece there is being used for the next Skatepark of Tampa girl shirt. I say we cut the nipples out and see how many we can sell like that

The hunt for Fourstar shorts, the most perfect short ever made, continues. We are now having serious meetings on how to best duplicate this 10-year-old product that is no longer made. Not many of us wear shorts very often around here, but when we do, we're extra picky about them

I need to get Online Guy to do the website. He's kicking ass here at Angel's desk. He never takes breaks, never sleeps, and he doesn't complain about anything. However, we still have a problem with him always hanging out naked like The Senator

This is the Reservoir Bar where Furlong is pool sharking me and Drunk Aaron

Hella hyphy pisser. One day I'm going to drop my camera in the toilet. I wonder if I would fish it out? Depends on what photos are on it

I'm figuring out a new camera now. This rock fakie Ian Gow is doing was shot with a Nikon D200

Ian Gow - frontside 180 thread the needle pirate style

Ichabod came close to a fire hydrant in the cornhole on this boneless

Abdias has a phone now so we have some entertaining racist text battles

Want a nice annoying song stuck in your head? How about, "It's a Small World After All"? At Sonny's diner down the road from the Skatepark, I noticed this photo behind the counter. Upon closer inspection, I find all kinds of Puerto Rican homies in there: Orlando Ramos, Roast Beef, Robert Lopez, Bolle, and more. That's the owner of Sonny's in the center. I guess she's friends with all of them. It's a small, small world...

Sonny's has some damn good eats. I'm there a few times a week

Thanks to a John Ferguson hookup, I went to the KRS1 show last night at Empire at about 10pm, but I guess that was like a week or so too early. A couple hours later, still no KRS1, so I had to get out of there

Had to take a few foot fetish shots at the hip hop show

Double, double fisting

Slop funk tag - it blends in like the guy who painted the walls did it

Drunk Aaron has now stepped it up to triple fisting. DA is still rolling with one of my ghetto watches

Hmm, that graphic looks familiar

Yo Mona Lisa is at every hip hop show. We're from the same islands where they have head hunters and eat pansit and balut. They won't even put balut on Fear Factor. Go ahead and try to Google balut

Pause for another foot fetish

Jovan, no matter how mean of a face you make, the bag is still suspect

Adiel's got some kind of crucifixion wounds going on

Some intense games of Word Dojo go down at the Reservoir Bar


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