Mother's Day at SPoT Article at Skatepark of Tampa

Mother's Day at SPoT

Posted on Sunday, May 13, 2007 by Rob

Mother's Day at SPoT

Wow, there were three hot moms in the Park today. Great mother's day. Remember Nick? He's the one who won a trip to Woodward for puking. Cool kid. This is an ollie hair bomb

Robbie Kirkland - frontside nosegrind popover

I couldn't get the timing right on Drunk Aaron's 360 flip fakie on the bank so I turned it into a take a poop. It's been too long since we had a take a poop on the site. For this one the photo geek should be getting the pooper, though

I think Drunk Aaron is the first person to get two take a poop's in one day. This is a poser of the month pooper

Robbie Kirkland felt like jumping down the stairs so he got it started with a shifty flip

Then he hard flipped it

Then he backside shifty flipped it

That's a nollie 360 flip over the little bank to bank

Drunk Aaron's trying to reduce the ratio of party photos to skate photos he has on the site. Now he has pooper ones in there to worry about. This back smith looks good, though

Tried the crazy angle with Drunk Aaron's back smith - didn't really work out too great

Then DA took the camera and got a couple of me to help out with my party to skate photo ratio. The frontside 180 nosegrind is one of the few tricks I have consistent

Them old men love their melons and no complys

This camera I have only shoots sequences at 5 frames per second instead of the standard 9 so it's a little slow. I thought Kyle Stone's fakie big would be the third take a poop for the day but he made it on the last try I gave him before the pooper came out

Speaking of poopers, apparently, we're going through some crapper improvements here with new tile and all that in the bathrooms. Frosty is dancing a jig

Back to my alcohol problem at The Hub with a nice crew of random friends coming in and out all day

Chad took this photo the other day of Dirt Weasel. Rob Meronek approved melon grab


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