Art From Cans and Kiddie Course Carnage

Posted on Wednesday, May 16, 2007 by Rob

Art From Cans and Kiddie Course Carnage

New World always serves the beer you order in the proper glass. Lako's carrying his smokes like that one dog with the barrel around its neck that rescues people in the snow in cartoons. Sometimes I need a cig rescue like that

Earlier this week on Monday, things started out real rough with a mid-day trip to the beach where this first underwater foot fetish took place

Clements, Jorge, and I passed up sitting behind the laptop on a Monday and sat behind the bar at the beach instead. These two extremists went wakeboarding. And you thought we worked hard here at SPoT

This barefoot foot fetish pretty much sums up a rough day at the office for us

A rough, hard working Monday continues. Is this day ever going to end? I've been watching the clock all day

Red Bull bought all our food and sauce at the beach all day, then the hard day at the office continued that night at an art show with work made from Red Bull cans

Jorge is not using this piece for its intended purpose

This is the piece that won. Clements was actually one of the judges

One brew for my crips, one brew for my bloods

We were in St. Pete all day, which is Sarah's hood. She carries around a t-rex claw and has the mean face to back it up. She can cut me anywhere she wants

Last night I came to the Park to skate late night but the course was on BMX buddy lock down so we started up a kiddie course session. What is this trick, like a Royale With Cheese or something? This is Louis Pinzon

Ichabod can be found in the Shop putting name tags on inventory. This is a BSTS

Kory Albury will nuke a Hot Pocket in the snack bar for you. This is a 5-0 fakie

Jata learned frontside feebles

Many opportunities pass Body by, but the opportunity to have a good time is always siezed

Yo Kory, lemme get two bags of pop corn, ice tea, and a frontside hurricane. Thanks

Shane Nicol also serves it up in the Snack Bar. This is a layback frontside boardslide

Wait, I came here to skate, not get stuck behind the camera. Drunk Aaron, take this thing a way for a bit

The backup photo guy caught a decent one of Jata's frontside flip

Putting up all these photos of snack bar employees is making me want a bag of popcorn. Cory Albury - FSTS

Sequences aren't quite working right on this camera yet, but Drunk Aaron manged to piece part of one together for Kory Albury

After skating for a bit, we wandered into an extra weird scene of junior high heavy metal parking lot and booty dancing in Transitions Art Gallery. Ok, good night

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