Venice Beach Lurk Out Article at Skatepark of Tampa

Venice Beach Lurk Out

Posted on Friday, May 18, 2007 by Rob

Venice Beach Lurk Out

When you fly from the east coast to the west coast in the afternoon, you can watch the sunsent from the plane

It's early Friday morning right now and they just finished the Manny Mania obstacle construction

Venice Beach is a giant flea market complete with the sketchy ass people that frequent flea markets

Everyone's on wheels - bikes, skateboards, motorized scooters, wheel chairs, etc. Looks like something's going on in the background

Looks like some kind of Top 40 music video shoot

That guy in the red is giving the girls all their moves

Those people in the background are hyped on Schaefer's frontside grind

Ron Deily just got his AA degree and is returning to Jersey after this weekend to walk the plank for graduation. By the looks of the foot placement on this backside noseblunt, you can tell he reverted out of it

A fun chunky boardslide rollercoaster

Thanks Red Bull for the hotel room right in the mix of all the Venice Beach weirdness. The Contest starts tomorrow at 1pm with practice at 11am, California time. Check a live webcast at


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