Red Bull Manny Mania Chill Time

Posted on Sunday, May 20, 2007 by Rob

Venice Beach Lurk Out Day Three

That skateboard doesn't really go with that outfit

I'd like to see this guy's footage

Jason Rothmeyer, Matt Milligan, Alex Moul, and Tom Curran. Skateboard industry heavyweights. Some heavier than others for sure

This is Silver Ball Guy aka The Venice Beach Senator, a Muscle Beach local. Schaefer gave him some money to just lurk out and provide random entertainment. The skateboard media was all over him. Too bad there wasn't clothes all over him

A short interview with Silver Ball Guy from Venice Beach. Schaefer gave him his number so he could join us for dinner tonight. Seriously

Drummer Guy was also given some loot to provide some entertainment. We should have replaced the kook DJ with Drummer Guy. It's amazing how annoying terrible music can be. The DJ was playing crap like Offspring and stuff you hear at a sweet 16 MTV party. When we asked him to switch it up, he played stuff like a techno/club remix of Interpol. Sorry about the crappy music if you were there

The Venice Beach Senator is doing a Red Bull product endorsement

Yeah, where in the hell is Daewon?

All throughout the day, Jason Rothmeyer was handing out fifties and hundos for bangers that went down

That's one of my favorite skateboarders, Kenny Anderson, on a BSTS

The Venice Beach Senator needs to take his shoes off more

Find Shad Lambert on the Captain Corporate Coverage Patrol

Joey Brezinski won ten grand today. The industry standard skateboard tax says he is required to spend 10% at the contest after-party

Top three were Joey Brezinski, Chico Brenes, and Daniel Castillo

Santa uses his scooter on Venice Beach

I showed up super early at the After-Party and it was slammed. I was straight HAMMERED by about 6pm, full daylight still. If this drinking problem I have wasn't so damn fun, maybe I would do something to fix it

That's a foot fetish with Quy from Analog. I need some of those Anti-Hero Vans. His name is pronounced "Kwee" not "Kee"

Chris Ortiz from 411 looks ready to party. You can also find Ortiz on the Captain Corporate Coverage Patrol

This girl had a black eye but she was still extra cute

Justin Cefai, where ya been?

In Texas, they have a place to tie up your horse at the bar. In Venice Beach, they have a skateboard rack for your stick

A friend of the Sheckler family, Joan Rivers, talks about threesomes and her daughters being involved.

I have to thank Joan Rivers and her niece here for some real entertainment they provided for me at the bar

Matt Milligan, Ryan Clements, and Chris Roberts. I wonder who has the longest manual? It's probably Clements

That's a foot fetish with Kat Kartel, a myspace friend I finally met in person. Thanks for coming out for a drink, Kat. Kat's a pinup type model. Check out her myspace and add her as a pal:

Ok back to Joan Rivers' crew. That girl in the middle is her daughter that she mentions in the threesome interview video

Ryan Clements and Vern Laird from Listen. Nice art piece up there

Danny Supa, what up? Pound

I wonder if girls think I'm creepy when I ask them to take a foot fetish shot. They probably think I'm creepy already so it doesn't matter

Part of the scene at the bar. That photo is sick

That's Holly and she's hyped on the large puddle of piss she left behind around the corner from the bar where we had to sneak drinks out to have a smoke

Good one, Milligan. No one is going to know you have a beer

I don't even remember the last 30 photos in my camera. Lots of them were feet

Wow, I wish I wasn't wasted. Who are these girls Schaefer's chilling with?

Another girl I'm creeping out with a foot fetish request

A redhead. Mmm, yummy. She's got nothing on Jersey Sarah, though

There's about 20 photos of Anthony Shultz in my camera. Apparently, I had a good time

By about 9pm, I was way too off the deepend end and crashed out. What a loser. Good night

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