Sunday in Venice Beach, CA

Posted on Wednesday, May 23, 2007 by Rob

Sunday in Venice Beach, CA

Sunday turned into almost a regular work day with me doing all this website crap and everyone behind me trying to film bits for the last pieces of our Fuel TV show pilot, Last Place. The show is about what it's like behind the scenes at all these crazy skate events we do. That's our friend Matt Solomon, producer of the Captain and Casey Show, behind the lens. On the bed is the audience for the in-room pilot mini-premiere we had. Schaefer's going to make a great TV star

Schaefer is on his 100th take trying to film the lead-in to a commercial here. My bit took three takes. I should move to Hollywood

Barefoot with banana boards. Shakka bra!

When I finally grow up and become a bum, I'm going to kick this dude's ass, steal his sign, and bite his style

This is the aftermath of Schaefer's lighter trick that almost lit the room on fire. Check the video

Schaefer has some tricks with a lighter that almost burned down the hotel room

During lunch we left a note for a future customer to discover in the napkins

We were busy until later in the evening on Sunday. Venice Beach is pretty empty at night, but we found the world's largest hippie drum circle going on at the beach and joined in. It was nuts - there were people everywhere with drums, keyboards, and anything that would make music just banging away. Somehow all those people together formed a groove you could bounce to where this crazy dance party was going down in the sand

All kinds of people just rolled up with their own instruments and joined in

This guy had an electric flute. Never seen that before

What? All you got is cotton head, a cheese grater, and a bolt? No problem! Join the drum circle. Peace and love, bra

Of course some rave jock brings glow sticks to the hippie party

This guy's setup one upped the cotten head for sure

All of the sudden, we run into Drummer Guy from the Contest yesterday. That's Lorenzo with Schaefer and Red Bull Sarah who hung out with us the whole weekend

Schaefer and I were getting extra hippie on Lorenzo Drummer Guy's congo thing

Check out the sounds of the Venice Beach drum circle. You had to be there to feel how loud the music was and how it made your whole chest vibrate

It's only about 9pm, but suddenly several cop cars show up on the beach and break up the whole gathering. Out on a public beach in the middle of nowhere, you can't be banging on drums enjoying some music. Hell, you can't even bring a beer outdoors or smoke on a patio without getting arrested. Sorry, California sucks. Way too many paranoid society rules there. I bet the dude in the hat gets the pat down

Good job officers, you successfully served and protected by busting up a good time on the beach

That's a foot fetish with Lorenzo Drummer Guy. He's got Accels on

The beach party is busted up and we are kinda bored now. I'm messing with the camera a bit. That's Schaefer's eye

Red Bull Sarah's eye

I'm watching you from the Internet right now

Did I mention there's nothing to do in Venice Beach at Night? Another boredom photo at an empty bar

We are finally on the way home now. Schaefer always gets the cavity search in airport security because of the metal plate in his shoulder from a broken collar bone, or maybe he just looks a little shady

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