Early Friday Night Snapshots

Posted on Friday, May 25, 2007 by Rob

Early Friday Night Snapshots
Photos and Captions by Rob Meronek

Ichabod came in hot, landing this 360 flip off the bank into the other bank right off the bat

Angel is the one that dresses up Online Guy and takes photos of all the products in the online store. I wonder if Online Guy can do varial heelflips like this

Alex asked to get a photo of this kickflip backside 5-0. If you want a photo when I'm out there on the course, just ask and we'll hook it up

You can find Brandon Bristol in the Shop when he's not nollie heelflipping off the wedge

Lacey Baker stuck all kinds of things off the wedge within a few tries. This one's a frontside flip

After Lacey did this 360 flip, she nollie big heel flipped off it, hard flipped off it, then nollie inward heel flipped it

That's a frontside half cab flip. Can't remember his name

Damn, Angel rips. This is a fakie flip. Angel, after you roll away, please put some damn clothes on Online Guy

I thought for sure Brandon Bristol's nollie half cab heel would end up being a take a poop. He finally landed it and kept the toilet in the stalls

Ichabod was landing perfect on so many of these backside flips but couldn't roll away and was getting pretty heated. I thought for sure I'd have a pooper on this one, but he also came through and rode away clean

Sales pitch alert: we take all major credit cards in our Shop, inventory is 100% live so there's no backorders, and we ship faster than razor tail slices you a new asscrack. Didn't some magazine already do an ad like this? Who cares. The whole sketchy skateboarding industry is based on nothing but company A biting company B's ideas. It's been like that for 20+ yearss

John Gow aka Johnny Blaze aka Gonzo is reducing his chill/party photo to skate photo ratio on the site with this switch frontside 180 5-0

Another forgotten name, but I do remember the trick is a switch frontside 180

Brandon Briston landed this nollie backside heel in about 100 less tries than the nollie half cab heelflip. Check the sequence below. That was second try

Brandon Bristol's nollie backside heelflip

So Dirt Weasel steps up to the wedge and he's trying this crazy ass whirly bird Big Ass Fan spin type manuever that definitely earned him a take a poop. He did almost make a couple but it was full on lottery ticket chances of riding away

I thought Dirt Weasel's eye of the tiger look of full determination riding up to the whirly bird Big Ass Fan spin was more interesting than the trick

Last time I took a stale fish photo, I said I was going to re-learn stale fish grabs. I forgot. Dirt Weasel reminds me with a real proper one

Meanwhile, Red Bull Sarah is outside prepping for tomorrow's Manny Mania event

Dylan Perry - getting coverage even while he's on the clock

Wow, Jorge aka Porpe has a big nollie half cab over the bench

Cesar Fernandez, formerly from Orlando, now resides in Long Beach, CA. This is a perfectly spun backside 360 over the bump to bench

I was just at Hooters where the waitress and I have very similar gear going on

Drunk Aaron gave me his chill camera and said to put whatever photos on the site from it. I found this one of Abdias Rivera coming out with his beastiality fetish

This was about 30 minutes ago at Hooters. Yo Denmark, see you in Amsterdam this summer, and probably Denmark, too

Captain Corporate ran a pie chart showing the percentage of skate photos vs. chill shots and party photos and this is what the result is. It's pretty much what made me realize there needs to be way more skate photos on the site. Sorry about that. You can get a breakdown of all the photo categories on the site right here