Red Bull Manny Mania at Skatepark of Tampa

Posted on Tuesday, May 29, 2007 by Rob


Cesar Fernandez - frontside 180 switch nose manual frontside half cab out
Cesar Fernandez - backside tailslide nose manual out
Jason Durbin - switch nose manual
Jason Durbin - switch frontside 180 nose manual nollie big out
Ian Gow - frontside 5-0 180 switch manual out
Ian Gow - nollie pop shuv manual
Robbie Kirkland - kickflip nose manual
Who dat? Fakie flip fakie manual
Ripping style
Jimmy Lannon - good skateboarder
Top three - Cesar Fernandez, Robbie Kirkland, Jason Durbin
Red Bull Sarah's Martha Stewart project
Chris Roberts and Joey Brezinski came out for the Contest. This is a photo Schaefer illegally took in the Penthouse Club in Tampa where we ate dinner later that night

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