Let's Make Skateboarding Hazardous Article at Skatepark of Tampa

Let's Make Skateboarding Hazardous

Posted on Wednesday, May 1, 2002 by Rob

Have you ever wondered why you don't need a waiver or safety gear to use a public facility such as a basketball court, football field, or baseball field, but have to do all that to ride a public skate park?

The main reason is because most mainstream sports have been classified as a “hazardous recreational activity.” That means people who bust their asses on government-owned property cannot sue anyone. A job offering benefits is the solution to those without health insurance, not a lawsuit.

Anyway, wouldn't it be nice if skateboarding was legally called a “hazardous recreational activity” so we could lose the pads, release forms, and lame city workers guarding public skateboard facilities?

Thanks to all the smart skateboarders out there, this movement has already been started. In California, it's called SB 994. You can get a summary of what's up with that by clicking here.

Ok, so now what? Waste your time writing a letter to some senator, buying a stamp, getting to a mailbox, and sending it? Nope. A few more clicks of your mouse and you can get this done in under a minute. The International Association of Skateboard Companies (IASC) has set up a form that you just put your name into and it automatically sends the letter by email for you, quick and easy. Click here, and one day maybe all public skate parks will be as easy and free to use as jock facilities. It's not going to happen without public voice, so get it done now!


Rob Meronek

Update on May 15, 2002
There have been over 2,600 letters sent! Keep them coming! We've done our best to keep people from submitting the letter over and over so most of those 2,600 emails/letters are fully legit. Thanks everyone for supporting it.


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