Getting Pooped on by a TV at Turtle Ditch

Posted on Monday, June 25, 2007 by Rob

Getting Pooped on by a TV at Turtle Ditch

The ground sucks

Wes Dipold - crooked grind on channel one

The house van on standby

In Europe, they have these jacked toilets that have a weird shelf thing on them so when you dook it out, your hot steam pile of poop just sits there in plain air with no water, causing serious bomb outs of the bathroom. Not sure what their philosophy on that kind of crapper design is. John Party - take a poop

In Australia, they have two different flushers - one for number one, and one for number two. They're real big on conserving energy and resources. Drunk Aaron - take a poop

Crappers on planes don't use any water at all. When you flush, a crazy vaccum turns on and sucks your schlow down like a black hole. Rob Meronek - take a poop

Ichabod's got the right idea. This TV is a little rough to skate at this spot

Street lurkers

Wes Dipold ollied it long ways, it struck midnight, we said Happy Birthdeeeeeeeeeh to Drunk Aaron, and everyone went home

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