Copenhagen 2007 Day One and a Half

Posted on Thursday, June 28, 2007 by Rob

Copenhagen 2007 One and a Half
By Rob Meronek

It rained all day and night yesterday so we had a pretty chill day of just getting to know Copenhagen. Hopefully today things improve. It's day three of wearing the same gear for me, Schaefer, and Clements. No luggage in sight yet. Paul Zitzer just showed up. His luggage is also lost.

The bathroom at the Skatepark is one room with a drain in it and a shower mounted on the wall. All skateparks should have that

This is our Copenhagen family truckster for the week

This mini-ramp is outside behind the Park

Sketchy Danish eats. Things are expensive here. We had fast food at the airport for three people and it was sixty bucks American. A Wopper from the King is nine bucks

We spent much of the day at the Copenhagen airport waiting for the rest of our crew to show up. No one has phones so we're doing it 80's style where no one has a way to contact each other. DJ Wade and Paul Zitzer just showed up

It took us a couple hours to David Gravette and Preston

Within a few minutes of meeting up with Preston, he was already clocked in and filming and on the sauce

This extra budget skate park is right around the corner from the hotel

This is a drive by filming down one of the Copenhagen streets known for having hookers and other sketchy types. It was early afternoon and pouring rain and they were already out on the job


So now it's day three sporting the same gear. No luggage yet. If it doesn't rain all day again today, we're going to hit up all kinds of spots around here. That should make for some really crusty clothes to re-wear tomorrow. This is Clem and I on our first of many beers for the night

Every room in the hotel is different and designed by a different local artist. This is half of Clem's room

Jason Rothmeyer is here. The SPoTlight Productions crew is now complete

I'm a really picky eater. So far, I approve of the food. On top is chicken and pasta. After you remove prom dress decorations they put on it, it was a damn good meal. Below that is Rothmeyer's burger

It rained all damn day and night

Neal Hendrix has his bags. It's weird seeing a helmet packed in someone's stuff

I took a late night walk around and found a bunch of spots. These Puleo cellar door cover things are everywhere

What do you got on this one? Ollie over to wallride?

We are all becoming experts at map navigation. Preston is the chief of maps

This is Gravette's room. The free porn here is great

This is my room. I thought it was weird how the comforter was split in two like slices of bacon. Ok, maybe tomorrow there will be some better photos. It's almost 10am now and we're wrapping up some sketchy skateboard industry bid'niss meetings and about to figure out what to skate today if it doesn't dump rain again

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