Random Things in Copenhagen Article at Skatepark of Tampa

Random Things in Copenhagen

Posted on Wednesday, July 4, 2007 by Rob

Random Things in Copenhagen
By Rob Meronek

This crazy looking spider was waiting for the train with us

We're lost trying to find Roskilde right now and making plenty of random new friends on the way

Ok, we're here. It's like the Euro Woodstock. There are tents for miles. It's so spread out there are busses that take you from one end of the area to the other. It's cold, raining, and muddy with pisswater

Some people are dirtier than others

This guy Ram here rented a rickshaw, bought a ticket for the week long festival (about $300US), and just works all day giving people rides to make money to pay for his ticket

Of course, there are campfires everywhere. We're outside in the open air and it still smells like you're in a really dirty bathroom

Foot fetish with some new camper friends

That's Per and Sara. Sara's from Afganistan. They're spending the week here in tents

We got on the wrong bus to nowhere but met a crazy Him fan that helped us get back on track

The cabs are nice and tech here. No ghetto magic carpet rides like in the States

This is our hotel for the next few days - the skate park. Our lobby is the vert ramp. Last night Schaefer was doing gap back lip over the channel padless after a long night of the sauce

I got some of P-Stones photos I'm going through now. Schaefer makes instant friends with everyone we run into

Not sure what's going on here, but it looks fun

Your average street vagrant

That's a Danish playground. For all of us on this trip, the whole world is a playground


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