Roskilde in Copenhagen 2007 Article at Skatepark of Tampa

Roskilde in Copenhagen 2007

Posted on Monday, July 9, 2007 by Rob

Roskilde in Copenhagen 2007

The forecast is rain. Everyday. Sick

Awesome. They have this foul cuisine here, too?

Our new friends Carma and Julie invited us over for uncooked fish and beers. They can shotgun sauce like burly men

They had interesting bathroom decor. I should have rummaged the medicine cabinet

Some guy I met at Carma's place had this. First time I've ever seen this in real life. Anyone know what it is?

The shower is in the kitchen? That reminds me of that Seinfeld episode where Kramer washes the vegetables in the shower

All we need is an FM receiver and we're good on the tunes. Julie brought this one out for us. Two songs into our jam, angry Carma tosses the radio out the four story window. I guess she didn't like P-Stone's jams

Someone please use these handcuffs on me

At first I was over it on going back to the mudpit Roskilde thing, but then Schaefer comes back with full gear for all of us, the entire Six Pack. The Six Pack also has a new addition, the Dirty Bird

Here are some random things I found wandering around town. Sex beer...

...Nazi beer...


...a sign with a baby on it smoking and drinking. I think this is how P-Stone slid out of the woumb

Good to see the locals are down with Ronald. That's Thomas Kring, our Roskilde tour guide for the night

We rode on lots of trains

That's the Six Pack that's making its way across Europe over the next month. David Gravette, Roberto Aleman, Joe Hammeke, Rob Meronek, P-Stone, Brian Schaefer, and our tour guide Thomas Kring. Dirty Bird is hyped to be going to Roskilde. He doesn't even need a ticket

Ran into more head schrapnel

I have nearly 10,000 songs in my iPod. DJ P-Stone kept us going with the mixes for 24 hours straight

So now we have arrived in the mud

There are probably diseases that haven't even been discovered yet in this cess pool. Lucky you can't smell over the internet

There's a skate park at the Roskilde Festival

And they have a bowl, too. Little did I know that right now I'm taking a photo of our hotel for the night

We're about to dive in to the mud. One last clean foot fetish with Dirty Bird and we're in. Don't drop the tunes, P-Stone

Some random Euros I ran into

There was miles and miles of this with people pissing everywhere around you. Good times

David Gravette got down with Dirty Bird and a bunch of random new friends we made. Cool that Santa hangs out in Copenhagen when he's not delivering gifts

They love their techno here. I was told they call it "electronic music." Whatever you call it, it still sucks. As you can see by the glow stick through the face schrapnel on this guy, we are at a big techno dance party right now

Schaefer is going to have to go to the clinic after this make out session with Dirty Bird

I got a $12 sandwich. I hate tomatoes

We thought we were pretty unique rolling with Dirty Bird in our crew, but then we ran into someone with a fox

Randomly ran into Rune Glifberg

It's about six am now and we finally go and crash on the flat bottom of the bowl. We're trying to sleep but random strangers keep coming along and messing with us. I woke up freezing to death covered in mud, but was still laughing from the whole experience

Schaefer and Thomas have a bet going that Dirty Bird will not make it back to Tampa. So, Schaefer is protecting Dirty Bird with his life throughout this trip. I like Hammeke's sleep stance

This bed is a lot cleaner and more comfortable than the Milner near Skatepark of Tampa

This is where you go to "clean" up. The smell is making me wanna puke

The sludge is getting thick

Dirty Bird has seen a lot more bands than you. This is the Thermals show going on right now. They dedicated one song to Dirty Bird and then brought it on stage. We were extra hyped

Would you stand around for another 10 hours after being in this for 24 already to wait for The Who to play? Me neither. Four out of the Six Pack left. Schaefer and P-Stone stayed and held it down

Look what you have to wade through to get some food

People got some wacky gear here


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