Random Berlin Skate Spots

Posted on Thursday, July 12, 2007 by Rob

Random Berlin Skate Spots

David Gravette almost sailed a Superman to scorpion while rolling into this bike lane on a double set

You might be lost if you're getting the map out in the middle of the woods

Little parks like this seem to be everywhere

It was a hike to the venue where the Wu Tang Show was. We never made it back after getting there too early and leaving

Ran into a 16-foot wide metal vert ramp

Who's going to ollie over that rail into the bank?

This is Lenny our ripping tour guide. He's got the snaps, so this right here to him is a good spot

Minutes after getting to this spot, it was puring rain

Hammeke has a mindblowing photo of Busenitz at this spot. It rained right after this photo was snapped, too

Found another little park with two of these close together. We cleaned them out and then it downpoured on us

Made a run for Ronald's in the rain

Where else to go besides the indoor skate park when it's raining?

The Red Bull banner is also a vert ramp

Lenny - ollie up to frontside 5-0

Roberto Aleman - frontside feeble up

David Gravette - kickflip almost foot plant

They still have this problem over here

After leaving the park, Lenny took us to a gap in an old train station. Here's the way in

Then you take a walk through

Then you squeeze through a wall. P-Stone didn't make it. A sketchy fence climb is now necessary

It's a little run down along the way. All the way in the back is the spot where Hammeke snapped an amazing photo while P-Stone filmed

After returning from the crusty train station, we have one of the top five best meals of the trip

Thanks Monika for giving the Six Pack some floor space

It seems like there's always a good show going on here. It was that way last year, too

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