Onward to Rotterdam

Posted on Wednesday, July 25, 2007 by Rob

Onward to Rotterdam

Monday after the AmsterDamn Am, we lurked the rainy streets of the tourist area of Amsterdam

It's a little uncomfortable taking photos in the Red Light District. These canal things are everywhere and don't help when you're lost

These windows are rented to the girls that work the Red Light. There's nothing going on now, but later in the night, the streets are full and everyone from your grandma down to kids in strollers are wandering this area looking at hookers like it's a circus or something

We spent eight hours at this bar with this view. That's more than most people work in a day

We finally made it to Rotterdam by train at about 4am. These banks are a little rough but skateable

That tower doesn't look very high. Let's check it out...

...it's super high and extra scary. It sways in the wind to make you real nervous

Rotterdam apparently is known for its architecture. That makes for some really good skate spots

On the way back from calling it a night, we passed by one of these establishments and took a foot fetish with some new friends

We keep passing good spots

A couple weeks ago, we were sleeping in mud and feces in the bottom of a bowl at Roskilde, now the six pack is at a deluxe hotel where they serve us on the steps out front. There's a photo contest going on this week for 10,000 Euros, winner take all. Baby Lamb and Dyet are the subjects for our team while P-Stone and Hammeke are the documenters. The contest organizers hooked all our rooms up. Thanks for the roof

The next day, while everyone was on a mission, Schaefer and I just wandered around looking at stuff. You got an ollie into this bank?

Alan Ying is in the photo contest also. Anthony Schultz and Shuriken Shannon are providing plenty for Ying to point the lens at

I like Rotterdam because there are plenty of old man friendly spots like this

You don't see that one everyday

Of course I have to show you the upskirt shot

When you're inside a girl, that last thing on your mind should be skating

So it turns out this crusty old building is some kind of manufacturer for all kinds of molds like that

Strange stuff in here. I like it

Up on the crusty building top, Baby Lamb overcame wind and Hammeke got a photo while P-Stone got tape

It's real windy here. I guess that explains the big ass windmill. I think our Big Ass Fan might have more juice than that, though

In between documentation of DMFP's destruction on this thing, P-Stone shows some snaps on no complys

A small crowd gathered here to watch Dyet's hair go down the stairs

The crowd was looking good

After a rail break, a full blown old man game of SKATE goes down. Hammeke has some serious circus acts

I don't think he made it

It's not as pretty as a nice Euro girl looking good with no makeup and a summer dress with no bra, but P-Stone's pretty much got every flip trick. This makes him champ of all old man games of SKATE

Even Disney characters are rolling their own out here

The Joe Hammeke Circus continues it's act, but it's no match for P-Stone's consistency

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