eS Game of SKATE at SPoT 2007

Posted on Friday, August 3, 2007 by Rob

eS Game of SKATE at SPoT 2007
By Rob Meronek

Thursday night was the eS Game of SKATE here at SPoT. Clem and I had a flight to LA we had to catch for that one contest where people get extreme. We left before the Game ended and now we're in LA, but before we broke out, I snapped a few photos. I don't remember what most of the tricks are and I don't know who many of the skaters are, so all you get are my random trivial observations as captions. Check back later for full results.


This was the scene early on. Before we left there were three times as many people. I spy a mohawk mongolian

Walk like an Egyptian

Jack Moran could make some sick shadow puppets right now

I wonder if he's got Dinosaur Jr. in the iPod

When you skate without socks, it feels like a shoe full of Petroleum Jelly

How long does it take for wheels to get that yellow?

Even kids with one arm and one hand were ripping

This kid can only give one thumbs up

This kid, too

Mad pop like Jim Bates

Pee Wee Kirk's signature disco point comes out on every photo

Clear grip tape used to be cool. Now clear boards is where it's at

Don't fall asleep while looking at these photos or this kid will cut you with them Freddy Kreuger fingers

TJ Sparks made it. That other kid, not so sure

Time to call Jenny Craig if you snap your board on flat ground tricks

That hat makes me wish my iPhone was here already

That is definitely no Jim Bates snap

I like Al Bow's style

One arm kid is back. This time he grew a hand like Swamp Thing

Yonnis is probably posting a MySpace bulletin right now

Lots of people who completely rip do really bad in Tampa Am. Nate Humphrey is in that club. I'm a fan of this dude

Andy Mac approves of the pogo stick jump

Andy Mac approves of the helmet on flat ground

I hope Mike Espinoza ends up winning it

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