New York City Chill Time 2007

Posted on Tuesday, August 14, 2007 by Rob

New York City Chill Time 2007
By Rob Meronek

Six years later, the events that went down here are still very fresh to me and I don't even live in New York. This is the first time I've gone to see the site while here

This is NYC's version of the California nuclear boobies

This used to be at the base of the World Trade Center towers. It has now been set up in Battery Park a few blocks away with an eternal flame burning

Max Fish in NYC - the Reservoir Bar of New York, but of course way better

The Max Fish is always full of skateboarders. That's Spencer Fujimoto

Gailea Momolu is down with the Fish

That's Steve Stratton from Volcom with Brian Schaefer getting good and sauced up before the Volcom Let's Live premiere

Emerica shoes, TAPS, a Black Flag shirt, and a scooter. Which one doesn't belong? His scooter tape says, "ScooYork." Wow, that's horrible

Anthony Shetler and Jersey Sarah who filled the chill cam up with plenty of good photos from the weekend

Friday night there was an art show at the After-Party

There seemed to be a sex and drugs type theme to the whole thing

Skateboard parking at the bar. I love big cities where you can get around on wood

Clements, Alanna, and Billy Rohan - thanks for the fun times this weekend

Dustin Dollin is a very entertaining dude to hang out with

Jerry Hsu and Jersey Sarah - I wonder what Jerry's praying for right now

Seems like the entire Sole Tech company was here. That's Jeff Henderson and Mark Waters. Fine businessmen in the sketchy skateboard industry

I had to fan out on Jeru The Damaja here. Some of the most intelligent lyrics in hip hop come from this man's brain. He's a super cool guy and hung out with us at the judges stand all day, mostly just to hit on Jersey Sarah. They actually exchanged numbers and Sarah told me today that he's called her three or four times already

The judges aren't influenced by the crowd or little tykes that can kickflip real good. Nope, they actually know about skateboarding. That's Jeff Pang, Jason Rothmeyer, and Justin Strubing

It takes a little bit of equipment for 411 to hook up the live webcast

Jason Dill put down the coffee and New York Times to roll around on a banana board for a while

The contest was under the Manhattan Bridge

No gas face for professor Prince P-paul. Prince Paul was a welcome change from the goonie ass DJ at the other event

Bryant Gumble was there filming for the 6 o'clock news, or maybe that's Vern Laird filming for the 411 live webcast

Here's a collage of award photos

Top three was Ronnie Creager, Joey Brezinski, and Brandon Biebel

Never met anyone from Siberia before. We made some new Russian friends at the After-Party. See you all next year

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