Emerica Demo September 2007

Posted on Monday, September 24, 2007 by Rob

Bryan Herman - nollie 360 flip in his new Emerica shoe
Justin Figueroa aka Figgy - nollie frontside feeble
Leo Romero - backside 180 nosegrind. I'm still complete amateur status with this camera gear
Bryan Herman - nollie frontside crooked grind
Andrew Reynolds - nollie noseblunt slide
Andrew Reynolds - backside 360. No, that hand did not touch
Andrew Reynolds - backside heelflip. That hand did not touch either
Bryan Herman - nollie half cab heel, super snapped
Leo Romero - frontside feeble
Brandon Westgate - frontside feeble
The locals ripped, too. That's Mike Espinosa catching a 360 flip
Leo Romero - bsts
Brandon Westgate - frontside bluntslide
Andrew Reynolds - frontside flip tailslide
Figgy - nollie flip
Andrew Reynolds - kickflip
Andrew Reynolds - frontside flip
Bryan Herman - switch frontside heelflip over your head
Marquis Preston - back lip
Bryan Herman - switch frontside flip
Andrew Reynolds - varial heel
The vert ramp. No further comment because I'm not allowed
If you were in this crowd, thanks for coming to our dusty little warehouse to ride your skateboard

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