Fire in the Hole

Posted on Tuesday, October 16, 2007 by Angel

By Angel Carela

Hey Rockers,

What started out as a fire, turn into a boring episode of COPS. Here's the report for the fire on Sunday.

Somehow a fire broke out in a dumpster on the property next door. Somebody needs to break out the marshmallows right about now
Fire Chief Welch and Kory get ready to help the the firefighters
Welch and Kory only get to watch the pros at work
The Fire Chief still wants to give a hand or two. Looks like his shorts already caught on fire, that would explain why the shirt is off
Welch got to play with the big hose
Fire Marshall Clem shows up and the Fire Chief goes back to the little hose
Out of nowhere, TPD shows up in full MTV mode. Apparently they were filming for some reality show like COPS
Pow wow between TPD and TFD
TPD and the crew head out to fight some crimes and get the footy

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