Halloween at SPoT 2007 Article at Skatepark of Tampa

Halloween at SPoT 2007

Posted on Thursday, November 1, 2007 by Rob

Todd Bratrud's work was on display in Transitions. I'm a fan
I like the sarcastic "math is hard" graphic
More of Bratrud's work
It's yet another year where Clem's costume involves delicate alterations to facial hair
So I got this Cat in the Hat outfit and sweated bullets for a while. After a couple hours of having to do the reacharound on myself to get something out of my pocket and having to take it almost all the way off to piss, I was over it. At least I found the rest of the Dr. Seuss cast there
Gladiator Jonathon Mann and Drunk Aaron Smoking Prophet
It's time for a foot fetish
Four legged foot fetish. Who dat?
Well it's Jenn and Jon Mann. Shoelaces and flip flips make great gladiator kicks
Hmm, I think Barak has some kind of message he's trying to send here
Jata has been in jail since he turned 21 a couple months ago. He's a free man now. That's him and Antwuan Dixon cutting a rug on the dance floor. Jata was too cool for a costume so I added one for him
Furlong was Steve Irwin and brought live props
Body's got more than just weiners for you. Jata still has his costume on
The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, Drinker Pat, and the real Prince of everything, Miami Jackson
Is it just me or do all girls in Halloween costumes look extra sexy? That's gangster Brit with Jay and Silent Bob
Dr. Gonzo and Lako. I don't think his costume makes the cut so I hooked him up tight with a new one
Largo Lea and Rooster Hair chose a more efficient way to throw back the sauce
The place was full of some serious costumes. Curtis didn't have a costume either. I took care of that for him
Running Buffalo Stance and Brianna - fine specimens from the backwoods sticks of Florida that spend more time in Tampa than I do
Kornelius is claiming he's Shaggy from Scooby Doo. That was looking a little too normal so he's got a free costume from me, too
Red Bull Sarah came as Red Bull Sarah. Jenna happens to be what I was last year
Ashlee and Chris Lehman. Boots sure were an popular accessory. I think everyone in Florida has some somewhere in their house
Everyone pull up your best photo for a phone fetish. Those vintage phones other people have are so cool
Furlong brought more than one circus animal
Look at those candy canes
Thing 1 and 2 got some nice candy canes, too
DMF Viking P and Buck Tooth Borat
Pretty much the hottest costume there was this painted on fairy outfit. The fisheye doesn't take good closeups
If you were in this crowd, thanks for coming to our Halloween shindig
Antwuan Dixon and lingerie cowgirl
Lingerie cowgirl wasn't shy
I like how she moved the strap over for us
What character is Angel supposed to be? I don't know, but with fingers that long, he could be Freddy Krueger all year long
I know a few people in the sketchy skateboard industry that could use a serving of brains like this
I don't know about girls that run the train on themselves like this. Right about here is when things started to get loose. Since my whole life is a never-ending party, I decided to sneak out right about now
The Incredibles was a great cartoon
Furlong's snake is getting fresh with him
Another one too cool for a costume. No problem on the gear hook up, Durbin
Antwuan is covered in tats
I think MacChillen got in the tanning booth before the Party
Nice shoes, Levi. Good night everyone


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