Nike Demo at SPoT

Posted on Tuesday, November 6, 2007 by Rob

Photos by Angel Carela
Captions by Rob Meronek

Daniel Shimizu is going to frontside shuv-it out of this back smith
Daryl Angel's footage is in the bonus section of the Nike DVD. This is a switch crook. Check Justin Brock, David Clark, and more for some ripping extras in the bonus section. There's an HD section with all bangers, too
Daryl Angel - I'm pretty sure this was a fakie ollie switch 5-0
Wieger's new trick that he has on complete lockdown is the back heel. He back heelflipped into this back lip. In the video, he did backside heelflip nosegrind 180 pop out early on a ledge. Wow, whoever said the video has mediocre skating is on the dope
Chet Childress and Lance Mountain skated the bowl. Chet had great part, too, mixing in plenty of street with Chet's pure comedy attitude. Lance has some ripping pool footage in the credits
Angel took some locals' photos, too. That's DMFP on a BSTS
That's Jereme Knibbs on a back smith
That's Wza Wes on a front smith

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