Moral Support For Fellow Skateboarder

Posted on Wednesday, July 31, 2002 by PROMOTION

Moral Support For Fellow Skateboarder
My son has been skating for 13 years. He has taught kids at Woodward Camp and has tried to have a skate park built in our area. Erich is now 27 and skating has been a great part of his life. He is ill now and on kidney dialysis and needs to receive a donor kidney. Until this happens, he will be on peritoneal dialysis eight hours a day. He says that when he gets a kidney, he's going to ask the doctor to put it in a place that he can skate and it will be safe...I do not think it's that easy, but Erich says he will skate again! We are trying to keep his spirits up and are requesting that skaters send him cards and letters.


Erich Browne
3108-C Westbury Lake Drive
Charlotte, NC 28269