3rd Annual Binky’s Beer Belly Bowl Jam Article at Skatepark of Tampa

3rd Annual Binky’s Beer Belly Bowl Jam

Posted on Monday, December 10, 2007 by Rob

Words by Ryan Clements
Photos and Captions by Rob Meronek

Sequences aren't as exciting after you hit the big four-zero
Frontside grinding since cassette tapes were high tech
We were doing bonelesses when the VCR was hot
We learned all about frontside grinds and Atari at the same time
We were well into frontside ollies on ramps when 2400 baud modems blew everyone's minds
I actually remember when CD's were invented
How many One Eye Mike's are there?
If your dad was about to ride your skateboard, this is what it might look like
He learned these when Rib Bones and Rip Grip were cool
Sometimes you can find Animal Chin below the coping
All the good things in life cause cancer. I wonder when they're going to announce that skateboarding causes it
He threw down front rocks when everyone used PVC coping
The only time the bottom of our boards come close to facing up is on a method air
That's the face you make when someone cuts off your head
We are going to keep grabbing our boards until it becomes cool again, dammit
Serious dosage of man leg in these photos
After the ripe age of 30, it's completely acceptable to early grab
The older you get, the less you care about how long your shoelaces are. Rabbit ears for days
So that's what the Easter Bunny does in the offseason
10 years ago I was wondering how long I could keep this skateboarding thing going. 10 years from now, I'll still be wondering the same thing
Now we're at the bar. I'm feeling the barnyard animal print. I don't know about those Mad Max boots, though
We are all enhancing our beer bellies right now
Someone wore their Sunday best for this foot fetish
After last week's altercation with Officer Doofy, I only skate to The Hub when I feel like mocking authority. I think all the cops know me now. They chill in The Hub like they own the joint
Young guys and old guys remain pals through skateboarding
I love Florida. See you next year where we will all be even older
This is one of those contests that are simply for the people participating. It’s not for the kids and not for the spectators, it’s for the skaters.

We had a great group of fellas from about 20 all the way up to 47. Damn son…that’s old, but even some of the oldest cats were getting their fs slashers on.

If you were too tired from skating you could grab a burger, dog, and cold beverage to recharge. Or you could challenge Lehman to a cigarette-smoking contest, too!

The format was simple and completely informal. For the older guys we did a “timed jam.” That means you skate until you fall in order. The “kid” division, 20 – 29, had an all-out, no rules, 15-minute jam.

Thanks to all of our sponsors for hooking up tons of free gear for a bunch of guys that really don’t get too much for free:

Red Bull, KR3W, Boost Mobile, adidas, DC, Ambiguous, Foundation, Pig, Jinsai, Nixon, Globe, Steaz, Triple 8, Nike SB, and Deckcrafters.

And a special thanks to Binky for putting the entire thing together. The awards were sick. I threw away the piece of paper that had the Results and Awards on it, so I’m winging this one off the top of my head.

Special Awards
Rob Meronek Approved Meron Grab – Chris Lehman

Biggest Beer Belly – Llyod Gillick

Jim Bell Award (most heart) – Tullie Carlton

Ms. BBBBJ3 – Jenna Becker

Just For Showing Up – Kurt B.

Hardest Slam – Monty Nolder

Most Likely To Quit Skating Again To Play Golf – Ed Womble

40 & Up
  • 3rd – Victor Ulmer – Andrect over the hip
  • 2nd – Howard Montague – looks like he’s 23
  • 1st – Mike (M.R. – Marathon Run) Rogers – you know why
30 – 39
  • 3rd – Craig Dupree – Orlando
  • 2nd – Ryan Clements – yep, that’s me
  • 1st – Pete Kelly – pro
20 – 29
  • 3rd – Matt Giles – nosegrind into the hip
  • 2nd – Levi Combs – you know the style
  • 1st – Chris Lehman – everything
If you were here supporting, then thanks. You know who you are. Next year, if everyone brings a friend the place will be packed. See you here...



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