Mike Aho Art Show - Fall In Love With Tampa

Posted on Monday, February 18, 2008 by Rob

By Rob Meronek

Bum Sex - I like this piece
The chill cam takes pretty terrible skate photos and Daniel Elek has pretty terrible frontside flips, especially after not skating for two years and riding that old man board
Wow, we are big time. We actually have an intern now. That makes us legit like Kramerica Enterprises. That's Clem and Intern Matt. He will be doing some marketing type work for us. If there's anyone else that wants to work for free, hit us up
Miami Jackson has the fresh Volcom jacket on tonight. I almost wore the same one. Jeff Lenoce is jealous on the BGP's
Gonzo Boccio played and got a nice party pit started
If you were in this crowd, thanks for coming to our crusty warehouse for a good time
Wow, Pee Wee Kirks is hanging out with Antwuan Dixon too much. Check them neck pieces out
Then hands, too? I can't even tell what that other word says

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