The Daytona 500 Party Pit

Posted on Monday, February 18, 2008 by Rob

By Rob Meronek

Things kicked off with a care package from Red Bull consisting of a piece of a wrecked car, earplugs, a pit pass, and NASCAR tour ticket. Mullets, stone washed denim, and Skoal, here we come
Before going to Daytona, Red Bull had some type of party in downtown Orlando. While lurking the streets, I randomly ran into Heather the model from Surf Expo. Wow, look at that outfit. I need a girlfriend
Breastplates and Mickey Mouse ears. Thanks for the good times, Red Bull Sarah
Another Orlando local, Vans Lea, and her crew of boys. Nice shoes, Lea
We all had fancy watches so it's time for a watch fetish
So we wake up in Orlando at the butt crack of dawn and jump on a bus to Daytona. On the way, it's mandatory to watch Talladega Nights again to refresh the movie quotes you'll be throwing out all day long
There are miles and miles of this going on in and around the track. People have been partying here for a couple weeks already
We were sitting right in front of the pits where they work on the cars during the race. That's not checkered flag seating in the stands up there. They call it "segregation"
There was an artist there making sculptures out of crashed NASCAR parts. He's turning old car parts into a chick like those kids in Weird Science
Those are the two Red Bull car drivers and the Red Bull girls that were getting us good an liquored up all damn day. Wow, I need a girlfriend
If you have one of these pit pass things, you can go out to the track and sign the finish line. We did a foot fetish on it
I made sure to leave my chinky method mad tag on the finish line
These dudes need some Red Bull
The behind the scenes tour was amazing. This is where the cars run through one of several different kinds of inspections before being entered into the race
Your team is allowed to have one extra car as backup. It's kept in these trailers lined up around the track
Schaefer tagged the inside wall on the track. Look at them classic Florida hillbillies
We're just kind of lurking out at the track right now. Plenty of sauce in the blood means silly photos like this
This is how Barak superman's dat ho
A classic NASCAR fan. Mr. Potato Head can't wait for the race to get on
There's the Red Bull car not in first place. They should have put some in the gas tank
This guy came flying into the pit extra hot. It's amazing how fast they change up a car's parts
At any time during the race, you could stop and eat a filet off the grill or lobster tail from the buffet. Wow, thanks Red Bull Sarah for hooking this one up
That's a foot fetish with the pit pass. Schaefer loves his argyle
There's a lake in the middle of the track. That NASCAR fan should jump in it and make all the water splash onto the track
Every booth there was super mellow and quiet like your mom and dad were chilling in there. The Red Bull tent had a DJ, full bar, and full blown dance party going, so natually the Thunderbird Pilots pick this one to hang out at. Earlier they did a fly-by during the national anthem when the race started
Thanks to these lovely "Bulltenders," I was good and lit by the end of the race. Wow, I need a girlfriend
After it's all over, fireworks start, we have a quick drunk dance party with the Red Bull DJ, then get back in the bus to Orlando. What a crazy day. Thanks again Red Bull Sarah. Sorry I was acting like a child throwing things from the back of the bus
Here's a few seconds of video from the first round at the track...

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