Paul Rodriquez Interview Article at Skatepark of Tampa

Paul Rodriquez Interview

Posted on Tuesday, March 11, 2008 by Rob

Backside noseblunt slide
Fakie flip manual fakie flip out
Switch heelflip tailslide switch heelflip out
What’s good Paul?
Everything is good.

You have a website that you, Jereme, and TK are working on together. Tell the kids what it’s about.
Well its and its a website where we can mingle with our fans and let them know what we have going on. They can make there own profiles and put up videos. It’s a fun place where you can talk about skating with other skaters.

The Nike video has been out a few months. Are you working on any other video projects yet?
Yeah, the Plan B video and we're producing another video like Forecast called Proof.

When starting filming for a big video part like the Plan B video, do you just go skate and get what you get footage-wise, or practice a new trick or a trick that you want to film and go to the spot that you know would be a good place to film it?
I do both. Sometimes if there is a spot that I know I can do a trick on I work on that trick at the park or practice spot. Then when I’m ready I go and film it. But also a lot of times I’ll just be skating a spot having fun and sometimes I get a trick or line with out any practice...

Where and when is your next big trip?
I’m going to Spain with the Silver team in May...

What is that trip for?
It’s a film trip for this Silver promo we are working on.

With all the street skating and filming you do is it hard to enter contests?
No because I focus on street skating and try to stay on point. So when a contest comes up I skate and try and do well...

What’s the next contest you will be entering?
Tampa Pro.

How does Tampa seem different from the other contests you enter?
Tampa usually has a tight course. Also, it's like the only real skater contest put on by skaters...

On a day when you aren’t skateboarding what types of things are you involved with?
I have been bowling a lot lately, otherwise I always skate...

What is the craziest thing you’ve seen while being down at the Tampa Contest being either pro or back when you were am?
Probably Lindsey Robertson's backside 180 off the vert ramp...


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