Tampa Am Vert 2008

Posted on Saturday, March 22, 2008 by Rob

By Rob Meronek
Pedro Barros has a man sized 540 and he can do them stale grabbing also. I'm not naming a 540 after the McGoon who invented this trick
Pedro Barros does frontside airs the right way, not stink bug like the rest of the tykes his age
Unfortunately, Zach Miller fell off during his runs and didn't make the cut. Dad's style has definitely been passed down to the next generation
Dalton Dern has a 540 also. If you've been skating in Tampa as long as I have, you know the McGoon's mom was the worst skate park owner ever back in the day
Okay, let's take one more look at Pedro's frontside air. So refreshing to see this instead of this
I cought myself fanning out and taking all photos of Pedro. His stale fish grabs are sick
You know those nerd glasses without the tape that Bob Burnquist wears? Ronaldo Gomes wears the same ones. There's a good looking way and a bad looking way to do a slob air, too. This one's the good looking way
Paul Luc Ronchetti, thanks for coming all the way from the UK for our skateboard shindig. With the exchange rate being what it is, this kid was probably buying lap dances for everyone at Mons after the Contest
There were a few girls in the Contest. That's Karen Jones
I spy leopard print pads
Vern Laird had to get a plate, put on a big bib with a lobster on it, and sit down and eat all his words of hate at Tampa Am Street regarding Ben Hatchell after he ripped and won Vert today. All he needs now is a wardrobe consultant. Someone call Jamie Thomas
Martin Andre, thanks for coming all the way from Brazil for our skateboard shindig. Please take me back home with you
That's the Vert top three. See you next year

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