$420 on 4/20 at 4:20 at the Bro Bowl

Posted on Monday, April 21, 2008 by Rob

By Rob Meronek

When I think of all of our friends from Europe and the other non-paranoid and non-uptight countries we visit who check out all our stories on the site, I'm pretty embarassed for the good old US and A we live in. Four police cars locked and loaded for a gathering of children playing with wooden toys. Wow. Welcome to America
You know how 365 days of the year people park across from the Bro Bowl right here without a problem? Today, Officer Doofy's way of showing us who's boss was to put his meter maid hat on and give everyone a parking ticket. You go, girl
Okay, forget about Doofy. We need to clear a landing for the Reynolds jump
DMFP got close, but no one was able to make the ollie out. It's Take a Poops all around. First one on the crapper - buff shirtless guy
John Ferguson - take a Pro Designed pad poop
Random wife beater guy - take a poop
Big Al - take a poop
Porpe's dog - take a poop. Dan from The Hub is rolling with his usual crew of hot chicks. They look way out of place at the Bro Bowl
Brandon Knowles came close, but no cigar - just a take a poop
Wow, DMFP almost made the backflip rocket air. I let go of the shutter button too soon because I thought he was going to die

Here's a minute of video with Officer Doofy and sidekicks. It's no secret Officer Doofy and the rest of the Tampa Police Department read skateparkoftampa.com to keep an eye on what we're doing. Earlier this week, we planned a last minute 4/20 gathering at the bowl and got the word out to our friends by putting it on the site. Just like they were ready with Go Skateboarding Day last year, a small fleet of Officer Doofies were waiting for us on 4/20. When asked if he reads "the website," Officer Doofy quicly replies "no" without even questioning what website we're talking about. He knows exactly what we're talking about. Thanks for the service and protection, Doofy. I'm deducting the cost of several hours of four police escorts from my taxes this year.

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